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C&C Generals World War II
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Localization into Arabic. الترجمة إلى اللغة العربية.
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Localization into French. Localisation en Français. Une petite explication pourquoi c'est moins cher que l'arabe : nous avons déjà une traduction fran
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Complete Allied Campaign. Now the game already has 4 missions of the campaign, where you can get acquainted with the general presentation and developm
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Complete German Campaign. 10 missions
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Complete USSR Campaign. 10 missions
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Complete Training Campaign. 3 base training missions + 2 missions like Japan Campaign.
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Fundraising for the prize fund of the tournament in the 2x2 format. Сбор средств для призового фонда турнира в формате 2х2.
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New update with additional Map pack (5 maps)
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New update with additional pack of special maps (5 maps): AOD, CASINO, KING OF HILL, FRONTLINE, DOTA
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Full installer without GenLauncher. Полный установщик без GenLauncher.

About the creator

C&C World War II is a total conversion of C&C Generals: Zero Hour that completely changes the appearance of the game to take it to a World War II setting, mainly focused on multiplayer. Here you can’t fight like in the original: in terms of hardcore mod is among the best. The main emphasis is on competent defense planning, proper logistics, territory control, tactics and surprise attack, and Merciless bots will certainly not leave you indifferent.
You can select one of four parties: the Allied Army (Joint contingent of U.S. and UK), USSR, Germany or Japan. In addition to this, each faction can define a specialty (you can choose only 1 or no choice at all, only 3 specialties per faction), which gives it access to certain units, upgrades and abilities.
The textures of your units may change depending on the map and the level of veterancy (for example, we have 5 different variants camouflage and coloring Tigers!).
The modification supports multiplayer game through the official server GOL (Generals On-Line server of revora) - Gentool-supporting is already included in the mod, as well as RadminVPN.

More info about us you can find here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/ww2

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