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How is it going?

I hope you're doing better than I do.
Unfortunately, the company that I've been working for is going bankrupt because of sanctions. And I'm about to lose my job (what a way to start a year, huh). And since it's my main source of income and I simply can't survive without a stable job, I'm currently spending all my time trying to find something decent. 
What does that mean for the game? Well, there's no chance in hell that I'm going to abandon it. I said that you guys will see a finished game, and you will. However, right now, I simply do not have time to work on it. 
Now, if you can't afford to sit here and wait while I sort out my problems (which makes sense, I get it) you can unsub and then return if you want to. But I would really appreciate some help (any help, really). If you can help me with any amount of money (whether it's just a dollar or two doesn't matter), I would really appreciate it a lot, since the faster I'll find some financial stability in my life, the faster I can get back to working on my game. 
I hate to sound like a damn beggar, but life is life, and I'm just being one hundred percent honest about my problems. 
Now, a little bit about the progress that I've made so far. The 0.5 is around 50% done, actually. I like the way our characters progress and change through the story. The art is looking good; I've been working on some animations, too, obviously. I spent some time improving my writing as well, and I hope you'll like it. 
Well, that's it. I hope I'll get back to working on the game as soon as possible. And I hope you don't lose hope in me, because I haven't lost it yet! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay tuned! 

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