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I have any holidays as an occasion to decorate and fantasize on a given topic. It doesn't matter if they are celebrated in my homeland 🙃 It goes without saying that I couldn't ignore such a bright and funny holiday as St. Patrick's Day. Moreover, it is celebrated in Ireland, and getting there is my very old dream. The official symbols of the holiday are: shamrock, leprechauns and Irish flags (this is from Wikipedia, by the way😉).
I began to fantasize and try to imagine what kind of leprechauns they are. Monge's pictures are certainly cool, but my cockroaches believe that these creatures are completely different ... Yes! and they do not come from nowhere, they must have children ... and therefore mothers ... women ... Exactly! We will have a leprechaun girl! Soooo ... and what is she?! In a top hat... in a top hat... Do you remember, in our youth we listened to a song and this girl sang it in a top hat? What's her name... Linda Perry! Exactly! This image is the most for our girl! Well, then it's a matter of technology. The image of Linda, the landscapes of Ireland and leprechauns ... mix, but do not shake🙃
and here is the result 🙂
You'll never guess where she lives now 😉
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