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Arnolfini.. Collection No.8

The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck
When you work with historical sources, it is important to find not only those events or characters that will express the mood of your work, but also details, silhouettes that can become a connecting element between epochs. As I have said many times and as you can read about in my previous posts, the end of the Hundred Years' War and the beginning of the French Wars of Religion are what has been bothering me for the last two years. And for my eighth collection, I found the very detail that became not only the stylistic basis of the collection, but also a kind of important connecting element between the era of Joan of Arc and modernity. And this detail is on the famous painting by Jan van Eyck.
Pattens shoes
I have a very special relationship with the art of the Northern Renaissance (and later with Calvinism), which has been a source of my inspiration for many years. And in my humble opinion, this work of art is a kind of Gioconda of northern art, and perhaps surpasses the famous work of Leonardo.. And finally I had the opportunity to express this in my work..
Here, of course, I once again refer you to The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci by Merezhkovsky, but this time also to the film Tulip Fever. And also to Zweig's amazing essay A Conscience Against Violence.

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