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The Last Judgment.. Collection no.7

The theme and idea of the Last Judgment are perhaps the main ones in my recent works, as well as in the current project dedicated to women who are special to me and to history.
I have already written about the place I chose to shoot my last year's Collection no.7 and about the reason, and so on in the previous post.
So now I would like to focus on this image. I would like to show only one barely preserved fresco, whose two-hundred-year-old remains still preserve these frightening images, and which became a symbolic background for my last year's project called 'Temple'.
remains of the Last Judgment fresco
original of the fresco by Vasnetsov
The history of temples and monasteries in Russia strongly resembles the history of these sacred places in England, when in the 16th century they were ruthlessly destroyed, this was called the Dissolution of the monasteries. 400 years later, the same fate befell the entire religious heritage here in Russia, under the leadership of the monstrous Soviet Union..

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