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Magomet Kochkarov
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Breakable walls!

Today I've made some breakable walls. Sound effects are a bit off, but my job was to create physical wall parts + simple smoke effect. Game Studio A8 uses physX 2.x but destructions (APEX?) were never implemented... So I had to do all by hand.
What I've done:
1) create unbroken wall model (thanks to HEN)
2) create broken wall model
3) create wall parts to fill all the gaps in broken wall, so it visually matches unbroken wall
4) fill up the unbroken and broken wall models with those wall parts and create a bone at the center of each wall part
5) in the game when the wall gets destroyed I change unbroken wall with a broken wall and create all wall parts at the bone positions
6) apply physics to each wall part
7) create smoke effect at each wall part model
8) play sound effect
So at the end I had a very simple (and always same) destruction effect, but at least walls parts (debris) are actual physical objects. This system could be used with different model sets, the only limitation is it should have the same number of wall parts (6) and bones with similar names.
Best regards!

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