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My name is Magomet Kochkarov. I'm a game developer from Russia. In my spare time I develop code snippets that could be used with Conitec GameStudio A8 and share them with my subs in YouTube and GitHub. 
You can find me here:
Best regards!

Silent hill like fog system

Hey folks!
Recently I've been working on a sprite based fog system. It's quite fast and I'm very happy with how I got things working!
I generate fixed amount of fog sprites at the random position within the seedbox, which can be moved with any given position (camera view, or any entity as shown on the video below). When a sprite goes out of the seedbox, I cycle it's position back on the opposite side of the seedbox and since sprites are faded out on distance, this is nearly seamless to the player. This also helps to optimise things a lot, since I don't constantly create/remove fog sprites.
Best regards!

Second player is connected !

Lately I've been busy working on another cutscene. This time it's a cutscene to reveal a second player! So far it was a great experience working on, and I'm really glad with how it's turning out to be. Keep in mind that this is still WIP and a lot of animation rework needs to be done. I'll try to keep on updating more often! 

Best regards!

Another month another cutscene

Hey guys!
This month I've been busy working on another cutscene for my sub. This is a character reveal cutscene where player get's to meet the this special character for the first time. As usually this cutscene was made using Conitec Game Studio A8 game engine with the help of Lite-C programming language. 
Best regards!

Moving platforms on chains

Hey !
Today I've finished an interesting task! I've worked on creating those cool moving platforms. Tricky part was that the whole thing consists of 5 different models which needed to me merged together to create this great looking platform. It's still WIP from the visual side, but the code for it is done. 
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Another cut scene done!

Hey guys!
For almost a month I've been working on a cut scene for my subscriber. You can see the early results on the linked video. I have to say that even if I hate working on such cut scenes, the end results are always extremely rewarding! Seeing things interact with eachother and becoming alive on the scene is just another level of enjoyment! 
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Moving in circles with collision detection

Recently my subscriber requested a very challenging movement code. He wanted to have a player controller that would move in circles but with collision detection. The challenging part is that collision detection provided by the game engine is linear! Means that player would always end up moving out of the circle...
After spending a night with this challenge, I came up with a tricky but nicely working solution! Instead of trying to move the player directly in circles, I move it towards the point on the circle!
This is how I did it (picture below):
* find 'angle' at which player is currently standing relative to the circle via atan2(y,x)
* from that 'angle' find position on the left and on the right of the player
* move player towards that position but only if we have input from player
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Water waves + splashing sound effects

Another day - another code snippet.
Today I've created some nice module that helps to add water waves with some nice splashing sound effects into my subscriber's project! It uses build in region system that comes with game studio to check if player's feet have entered the water.
It's a very simple effect, but it adds a lot to the over all atmosphere of the project.

Breakable walls!

Today I've made some breakable walls. Sound effects are a bit off, but my job was to create physical wall parts + simple smoke effect. Game Studio A8 uses physX 2.x but destructions (APEX?) were never implemented... So I had to do all by hand.
What I've done:
1) create unbroken wall model (thanks to HEN)
2) create broken wall model
3) create wall parts to fill all the gaps in broken wall, so it visually matches unbroken wall
4) fill up the unbroken and broken wall models with those wall parts and create a bone at the center of each wall part
5) in the game when the wall gets destroyed I change unbroken wall with a broken wall and create all wall parts at the bone positions
6) apply physics to each wall part
7) create smoke effect at each wall part model
8) play sound effect
So at the end I had a very simple (and always same) destruction effect, but at least walls parts (debris) are actual physical objects. This system could be used with different model sets, the only limitation is it should have the same number of wall parts (6) and bones with similar names.
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Cutscene part 1

It's been a long delay in my post due to my health issues. But guess what? I'm back and recently I've been working on this awesome cutscene for one of my subscibers! It's only a first part of the cutscene, the second part is going to be published in a next few days, so stay tuned! 
Creating this cutscene was especially challenging for me, because it's my first ever try to create something like this. All scenes had to be hardcoded one by one, with all the sound effects being triggered one after another at the certain percentage of the animation scene.
Hopefully this is not my last time working on something like this, because despite it being really challenging at the times, I really enjoyed it! The end result was really rewarding!

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