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Once I have 30 subscribers, I will be able to develop ZXOnline at a faster pace and implement new projects related to retro platforms.

About the creator

I love retro platforms and the biggest place in my heart is occupied by the ZX Spectrum. It's where my big IT journey started.

Now I'm putting a considerable amount of effort into making this amazing platform a little more popular around the world, to interest both the "old-timers" and the younger, younger generation. For that I created Viva Games (with popular classic games) and ZXOnline (a site with modern games for Spectrum, where game developers put their new games and can earn money by selling them).

While continuing to develop ZXOnline, I don't keep any money from the sales, all the income goes directly to the game authors. That is why I decided to create this page. Become my subscriber and together we will come up with many more interesting things for our beloved platform!
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You can offer your ideas for the development of ZXOnline, participate in the development of our games. Your name will go on a special thank you page inside the game and on the website. Plus - any digital game from ZXOnline at our expense to you as a gift!
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