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Welcome to Zuneku H Studio!
Our studio specializes in creating NSFW/Adult games and lewd content for them. We are glad to everyone who supports us in any way, everything in a little helps!
We are currently working onNight Shift at Fazclaire's Nightclub, a free roam Hentai game inspired by FNAF games in which you have to complete tasks, avoid the animatronics and keep your sanity during the night!

Thanks to everyone who supports the game and its development!
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An important update!

Due to platform problems and API issues, boosty will NO LONGER BE UPDATED/SUPPORTED!
Dame mi rembolso de 1668

Discord stickers preview!

A tiny update for yall - new stickers for discord (and telegram in future maybe) incoming!Not much time left for it. ❤️

Some model posters finally rendered!

Fully finished freddy reworked model + extra clothes reworked on models! next up coming for the clothes rework is bonnie - you will see her later in a one poster with all animatronics together OR in-game view. Thanks for your patience, dear patrons!
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Cosmetics update p.2!

New clothes incoming as promised! Probably I should not share THAt small news daily (All the animatronics slightly changed and with clothes thus a map trailer or posters, yet still), its just all because I work a lot and hard on the project now and trying to do things right!
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Freddie's cosmetics update and some more news!

Greetings! We finally finished freddy's new look update, now we work on animatronics clothes! Also as we mentioned earlier, we are working on the cosmetics for map - adding extra roughness, dirtiness, dithering & fogginess to make it look ever fresher! Stay tuned for some other news and thanks for staying with us! Feel free to share your ideas about it.

Fresh map size!

Approximal size of the new map in wireframe. Here you can see the whole map and its size, plus the zone with more objects on it (left bottom corner) is the only thing I properly decorated and finished. I have got lots of work here, so stay patient! Gonna keep you updated on it.

Exclusive, fresh information for you!

Hello again! And here Im gonna share much more information!
1. Backrooms project is alive and its just in "frozen" state - means only our modellers and artists work on it, creating characters, modelling them so after we finish the fnaf game process of backrooms creation will go faster and thanks to this you wont have to wait for really long both on fnaf and backrooms project
2. Moving back to FNAF project: I attached some screenshots of WIP map (some of them with lights and post process and some of them in "Editor" mode) and lower gonna add even more lore details.
Game's concept:
""We work on a warehouse during night shift in some really awful corporation which works as a mail/storage/sender the same time It cant really hire (or dont want for some reasons) more employeers for the night shift, so we work all alone in the semi/dark warehouse doing simple tasks, when suddenly, old animatronics which were discarded from their old restaurant/nightclub and shipped here just for further disposal become alive (since they used to work at night and thats why they might still functionate) and started to wander. The reason nightguard stays here is the fact that no one believes him that "old animatronics trying to fuck him" and the contract he signed that forces him to work atleast 7 days in the company.""
Its still not a final concept and its very unpolished, so feel free to share your opinion about it!  
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Additional information for Partner tier!

  Hello once again! Here Im gonna add you some more info about game that you might find interesting. Future rework will have a PROPER android release (less laggy, trust me), hopefully with fixed multi-screen issue, lots of voice acting, much more user friendly mechanics and a very detailed tutorial in-game and (hopefully) decent VR release (possibly or not, but I will try to make it run on standalone quest2 or pico4, but IM NOT SURE!!!)
Moving to the game itself: new map will be a warehouse (or storage, call it as you wish), with multiple floors while old animatronics which were discarded from their old restaurant/nightclub/work places and shipped here for further disposal, suddenly become alive (since they were programmed to work only at night) and started to hunt nightguard, trying to "service the customer". This is a very abstract idea I had in mind long ago and now Im going to implement it into a game. Its a very rough and basic concept, yet Im going to develop it hard in-game.
As always, Stay tuned and thanks for your support!
Some more information will be also posted for Exclusive tier including screenshots. This information will also be reposted to discord! <3  

Game's demo is finished! - What's next?

Greetings once again dear patrons! Here I want to make things clear once again on whats going with the game and what to expect from it. For the first - yes, Cally3d models won't be used in-game, they will be replaced with the custom ones we have. Second - it will have different location (not a nightclub, pizzeria or anything) and (finally), will have some lore for the game and new graphics style! Now we are sticking to working on the game map, gameplay features and concepts. Stay tuned and love you all!
Some more information will be also posted for higher patreon tiers. This information will also be reposted to discord! <3  

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