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Welcome to Zuneku H Studio!
OUR PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Zuneku
Our studio specializes in creating NSFW/Adult games and lewd content for them. We are glad to everyone who supports us in any way, everything in a little helps!

We are currently working on Night Shift at Fazclaire's Nightclub, a free roam Hentai game inspired by FNAF games in which you have to complete tasks, avoid the animatronics and keep your sanity during the night!

Thanks to everyone who supports the game and its development!

Link to the game's Page: https://zuryaaoki.itch.io/night-shift-at-fazclaires-nightclub  
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Nov 25 21:19
Android build for Partner+ tier!
For subscribers only
Nov 25 21:18
Finally a 0.4 update! Here's a PC version and a change log:
For subscribers only
Nov 21 13:57
0.4 Update!
0.4 Update news & Android builds!
Available to everyone
Sep 18 20:23
0.3 IS FINISHED! out for public!
For the first, thank you all for waiting! We are really sorry for keeping you waiting, but we actually made a HUGE work behind the scenes - this update aimed to optimize the game's code,rewrite it, optimize the game's performance & reorganize game files it so we could work in team. Now thank to this update it's even possible to port the game to android/ios in the future! Now we are able to work MUCH faster since we found enough people to work in our studio! We finally found a modeller and a art desinger so our future updates will be more global I hope...
What to expect next?
- Definetly a special in-game board for ALL of our patreon/boosty supporters! 
- We are afraid that we will have to make a new map for the game aswell as add much more effort in it and into the UI & overall game design in order to make our game look FANTASTIC!
- Mac/Linux/Android/IOS support (hopefully for all of them!)
- Night 4 update
Current patch note:
- Fixed WASD
- Reworked player controls (able to properly move and use tablet/watches while crouched)
- Ambient lightning coming off player so you WONT GET LOST even if the power goes off!
- Now our game is no more FPS based (means it will act pretty much the same on 30 FPS or 100+ FPS thanks to LateUpdate() functions!)
- Proper settings menu (we hope so)
- Tweaked visual effects and REMOVED motion blur
- Overall game optimization so your fps might get better.
Thank you all for staying with us. We really love what we do and hope to finish the game and move on the next ones. Stay tuned and join our discord server for more news!
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For subscribers only
Aug 26 23:59
0.3 preview OUT for contributor tier!
0.3 preview is OUT!
For subscribers only
Jul 31 21:50
Discord update + hotfix! + extended tier builds!
Available to everyone
Jul 29 22:36
HUGE update is finally finished!
Consider this my first devlog on the boosty - I finished the night3 update!
- fixed interaction glitch with "E", no need to spam it now
- increased time (from 10 to 30 seconds) before energy runs out completely when all 3 generators are off
- fixed issue when the character's face obscured the camera while moving (was caused by low framerate)
- fixed small delay between running/walking and crouching which could lead to death while being chased
- added signs near every room in order to easily orientate
- reworked game menu - now its themed and 3D.
- Added night3 - meet foxy!
- reworked tasks - now items (cupcake, pizza & such) spawns random!
- fixed animatronics - now they can reach you if you are crouched (they couldnt in the previous version)
- fixed non-working 2D text in the WebGL build!
will be fixed in the future:
"WASD" issue (character now able to move only forward)
"Crouch" issue (while player in vents, he can stand up and
may clip out of the map or walk into some unfinished locations)
Bad visual effects on the security cameras (might rework them)
Este video juego me a facinado pero de amontones enserio un gran trabajo señores. Ya que talves pueda opinar me gustaria que agregaran a un mas esenas de esas ricolinas jj la verdad el juego me a facinado ya ha ora si iyendo al grano seria bueno que agregaran a un mas vistas sexis en las animatronicas. anao son bromas la verdad me facina tal y como es
pero tengo un problema no se que tecla de mi teclado deveria tocar en la noche 1 para poder ya pasar la noche porque cuando ya avian marcado la hora de la cual deveria aver terminado mi trabajo no se yege ala puerta la cual seria la salida y aprete la letra Ë y no paso nada despues INTRO y nada cual seria la que deveria tocar
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