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Good day!
We are an international team WoodCat Studio, creating a non-interactive animated visual 2d novel based on the MMO RPG games.
Team composition:
Anna Kozlova - scenarist, author of the book  "Goddess Breath: The Way of Nirvana" (Russia).
Kikuna Kuwayama - Seiyu, voice actor, singer, songs lyrics writer (Japan)
Ilya Krizhepolsky - composer/leader of the project (Russia).
(Artists works as freelancers for our money now, and they are not part of our Team)
Having gathered a team of like-minded people, we decided to make an animated, visual 2D novel based on Anja's book, that was based on MMO RPG games.
We want to give new life to the world of the game with which many of us have fondest memories.
Our goal is to create a space for nostalgia that people who yearn for THAT 2005-2007 atmosphere will want to come to.
Reading hundreds of comments on the YouTube videos with music from the game, posts in social networks and forums, we came to the conclusion that there is a huge number of people who long for the Golden Age of MMO RPG and that ineffable atmosphere, which can not be forgotten even after 15 years.
We all have become adults, many of us have families, children, daily worries - but somewhere inside all of us, sits and does not go longing for something ephemeral, which can be found only in the memories.
Few of us can spend days and nights at a game now, and not all of us want to, and those who do want to like look through the glass.
They look, but they cannot touch again what calls and calls them back...
Back in the sandbox, you will no longer be an enthusiastic child.
But we will give you, hundreds and thousands of people around the world, the opportunity to find peace in your soul and joy in your heart again.
Your help is very important to us, so we can firmly establish ourselves among the ranks of active anime studios and give everyone a taste of nostalgia!
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