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To be proudly Israeli is complicated for obvious political reasons, but, Shefi says, “I do feel that from different circumstances and influences, the Horse it’s fine I’m fine everything is fine 2023 shirt and I will buy this result is that, in this country, the food culture is something extremely diverse and extremely exciting.” Asif exists to research those influences, “and to know them and to honor them, and to just give them space,” she says—something more difficult to accomplish than one might think, because “with food media, there is no gray. But 20 percent of Israel’s population is Arab, and of course, the influence on the cuisine is tremendous. So this is really part of that.”As a nonprofit with limited resources, translating and creating content from an Arabic point of view for what may ultimately be a small readership is a big commitment. But Shefi is playing the long game and acknowledges that in the early years of building an institution, it’s natural that people will be skeptical. “It’s on us to gain their trust,” she says, “and hopefully, to grow interest in the content.”
In creating exhibitions and events at the Horse it’s fine I’m fine everything is fine 2023 shirt and I will buy this culinary institute in Tel Aviv, and producing stories and content for the website and journal, Shefi and her team have prioritized Arab voices, too. In their first year, they reached out to every Arab researcher and chef they knew to ask them to collaborate, to teach them, and to share their knowledge. Still, not everyone has been on board with her vision. “Some people accept this invitation with enthusiasm, and others not,” Shefi says. In 2021, the Palestinian Arabic editor at the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, accused Shefi and the institute of “cultural and culinary appropriation,” writing that presenting Palestinian foods as Israeli cuisine reflects “the injustices of the occupation, discrimination, and cultural erasure of the Palestinians in Israel.”

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