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Photographer, 3D creator
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By donating, among other things, you buy me some free time when I can work on things you donate me for. A circle of life of sorts.

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3D art and photography, these are two creative niches I mainly explore on a daily basis.
You could see my mods for Grand Theft Auto V or other games, or we could have met on an anime convention, it matters not.  Be my guest here as well as other social pages, I'd be glad to talk about everything in the world, in RU/ENG/ESP.
Currently, there is nothing special I can offer as a Boosty supporter exclusive, sorry. In fact, this page can be left without any updates for a prolonged period of time. This doesn't mean, however, that I don't check it and my heart doesn't melt when I see that your care and support. Thank you.
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