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Techno Ableton 10 Template (Oxia Style) [Free Project]

This free Ableton Project inspired by Oxia and track Domino, he help understand how to make a similar sound, similar drums, bass, groove percussion and many other things of producing Techno track. This project is ideal for those who are looking for inspiration, or who are looking for a base for changes to suit their idea and taste.
This project is focused on main synth with groove move, many percussions, kick and bass and more information how to make track in afro house genre. 
DAW: Ableton Live v10.1.4 or higher
VST Plugins: Xfer Serum v1.306 or higher, Kickstart v2
- This project file is for educational purposes only!
ableton template oxia style.mp3
ableton template oxia style.zip12.75 MbDownload

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