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Various materials that I create such as presets, skins, templates and much more will be uploaded here.
                                              Ableton Templates (Not For Releases)
For Ableton Projects, you always need the Ableton Live Suite version! 
You need to use those plugin versions that are listed or higher!
Serum Presets in folder only for Ableton Live work, because used many stock effects, and if you open in Fl studio, this presets without effects Ableton don't same like in Ableton.
If you have any questions or problems, and other personal music orders email me: vesezzi@gmail.com
Licenses and other information about the projects, presets (Please Read it, if you have questions or want to make a release project): https://vesezziproduction.com/terms-and-conditions
All questions and answers (FAQ): https://vesezziproduction.com/faq

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$ 8,9 per month
Support and download 28 ableton projects (only those that are available for this subscription) and other materials that will be available to subscribers.
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