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Tim Remin

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Hello there, thanks for checking out my Boosty page!
My name is Tim, and I am a 2D digital artist.
On my journey I created a lot of works dedicated to the Warhammer universe.
My current plans are to create all of the Horus Heresy Primarch in their armor for community, they are all free to use.
Many thanks for checking out my work, any kind of support helps out a ton and allows me to focus more on my true passion.  
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Mar 24 14:37
Epic Illustration
One-time payment only
Mar 20 10:58
Character commission
One-time payment only
Mar 18 22:34
For subscribers only
Mar 03 09:46
Beginning of Mortarion rework
One-time payment only
Dec 30 2022 16:15
Character Illustration Commission

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