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Welcome, mortal, to the TES-Diesel modding page on Boosty!
Приветствую, смертный, на страничке TES-Diesel modding в Boosty  
Here you can thank your favorite authors for creating plugins <3
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For instructions thanks to khisartin | DDS-Workshop
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For subscribers only
May 11 2022 15:44
Брюки и фартук кузнеца | Blacksmith's Pants & Apron WIP
Представляю ретекстур одних из любимых моих штанов в обливионе - Брюки кузнеца. I present the retexture of one of my favorite pants in Obliv
For subscribers only
May 09 2022 20:31
Черно-красный наряд | Black & Burgundy Outfit WIP
Ради разнообразия начала делать ретекстур одежды знати. For the sake of variety, I began to retexture the clothes of the nobility
For subscribers only
May 09 2022 17:38
Коричневая рубашка | Brown Shirt WIP
Захотелось сделать рубашку менее коричневой.  I wanted to make the shirt less brown.
For subscribers only
May 07 2022 20:46
Сине-зеленое платье | Blue and Green Outfit WIP
Работаю над ретекстуром сине-зеленого платья. I'm working on the retexture of the blue and green dress.
For subscribers only
May 06 2022 11:52
Суконная одежда | Russet Felt Outfit WIP
Порция скриншотов процесса для TD_Atmospheric Clothing Portion of process screenshots for TD_Atmospheric Clothing retexture
For subscribers only
May 04 2022 21:12
TD_Atmospheric Clothing | Ретекстур одежды WIP
Создаю ретекстур для женской одежды в TES IV: Oblivion.
Available to everyone
May 03 2022 09:27
We did a great job of retexturing plants in the highest quality, and also replaced almost all plant meshes with clusters (we used only original meshes so as not to disturb the atmosphere of the game).
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