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Temporary e-mail. Temporary mail and non-registered e-mail addresses, as well as free anonymous mailboxes

Anonymousmizer appeared in the portal's mail service settings. Use it to create a temporary mail address and use it for different forums and websites that are not reliable.
in party services,
or in suspicious, unreliable online stores,
as well as when submitting advertisements for selling something (to contact potential buyers) and so on.
Then, when the temporary email becomes unnecessary, it can easily be deleted.
Anonymous. Tempmailo is a service for the creation of temporary mailboxes inside its main permanent mailbox in Tempmail.
It's a generator of temporary e-mail addresses.
How to create temporary mail
You can create a single mailbox (in other words, ru temporary mail) after six steps:
1) you must go to your mailbox ru official website:
2) enter your username, password,
3) in the upper right-hand corner, click on your username. A menu is opened where you have to click on "Mail Settings"
4) At the end of the "Mail Settings" menu, select "Anonymous" (1 per fig. 2:
Fig. 2 Anonymousmizer: Add temporary address to Mail.ru
5) In the form "Anonymousmizer" which is opened, click on the "Add Temporary Address" button (2 per fig. (2)
6) The "Create Temporary Address" window will appear
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