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Videographer, Video Editor, Color Correction
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Hi guys, my name is Streetza. I shoot photos and videos in many countries. 
Video editor, color correction, at a professional level.
-Commercial, Individual, Wedding and Documentary Filming
-Knowledge of programs Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic.
You can see my work and my color on Instagram Streetza_life.
I have come a long way of accumulating experience, shot many interesting commercial projects, more than three hundred historical landmarks, countries and weddings
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Creation of full-production content.

Individual photography and videography, commercial, travel, documentaries, and what without the love of wedding moments. I shoot all these things all over the world. I recently returned from Nepal. I filmed a yoga tour, the trailer of which is on the way

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I love to share my content with people who love to travel or who want to do it. I would be very happy if we could get as many subscribers as possible and create something beautiful together.
I will also share what I shoot, how and where in detail. How long I wake up and where I meet sunrises, maybe we can meet them together. What programs I use for editing and retouching in photos. What camera or lens can I recommend. The questions are many, feel free to send me

A wedding project in Koh Chang-Thai

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Prepayment to the customer (Hilmar) for the Videographer's visit to Ko Chang Island.
Date: July 22, 2023
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