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Restoring the balance!

It was a happy three years of Sovietwave Records. We keep making our content accessible to everyone so there was nothing exclusive to post yet. However, despite we have been targeting to grow and expand in the quality way, making more translations, videos and so on, we are currently experiencing turbulence related to economic sanctions affecting payouts, advertisements, and monetization of us and all our artists. Luckily, we are organized, hard working and efficient enough to continue doing what we are doing, just at a significantly slower pace. You can restore balance in the world by support us through purchasing our merchandise, licensing our music, re-sharing of our music and playlists to your social networks, or becoming a Patreon. When we will get some traction and stabilise our processes, we will continue to create and post nice things more often and, hopefully, launch something exclusive for subscribers. Thank you for listening!

Hello and welcome to our Boosty.

We have created a musical sci-fi corner for the dreamers all over the world. It is called Sovietwave because it tends to replicate Soviet utopian art earnestly, longing for the future that was promised but remained unfulfilled in The Eastern Block.
Sovietwave itself is mostly a sub-genre of indie/synthwave/post-punk & electronic music appeared in post-Soviet states. Indeed, a very intellectual niche of music and culture that we want to reveal to the mass audience to give them different perspective and image of the world that can be useful in daily decisions making, inspiration and self-research capabilities. We are looking to expand this idea to give more of abstract value to the people staying within the frame of Sovietwave idea.
For instance, we are also helping musicians from post-soviet and third party countries to promote their music. We disagree with major record labels policies and the social/media "system" that is obsessively oriented to cross promote only the already famous and influential people, taking more and more opportunities and space away from little artists. We are encourage everyone to stick to the values that we also believe in – true friendship and big heart support – just like and share any small artist that got your attention, you won't lose any prestige of doing that! 🙂 Hence, our tier are pretty extravagant and widely oriented to help the others who can find a shelter under our wings.
One of the key idea of Sovietwave legacy is the understanding that not everything in the world should bring you back the monetary value. Such us free healthcare, free education and free housing that was certainly make people protected and believe to the future. Proof us we wrong but do you feel protected now, in the world entirely run exclusively on capitalistic values? So, no wonders, since we are helping people, promoting small musicians and making niche content, we are far behind of any profit. If it does mean that we should not exist, this is what it is, but then, what will left? A pale, limited, self-repeatable culture that is recursively generating value from itself until the next crisis or inflation happens?
Think about it this way – the art and culture was always something that we impressed common people and were motivating them to expand the horizons. But in current state of the world with prevailing social media, art and culture are just a servants for the mass. If you are not doing something that falls into constantly aesthetically descending trends, you get less and less exposure.

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