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Everything you should be aware of Instagram Story Viewers

Learn the ways Instagram will prioritize your Stories ' viewers section. You can also discover how you can increase your sales and reach with Instagram Stories.
Learn everything you need to know about Instagram Story users on Inflact.
In this post we'll show you how to get access to your Story viewers' list, how to understand it and how you can use it to increase your sales and reach.
How do you think Instagram place Story users in the top spot?
We also cover that!
Plus, we show how you can send more people to your Stories so that you can increase your reach and increase sales.
Read on to find out everything concerning Instagram Stories viewers in 2021.
What are the Instagram Story Viewers?
Story viewers is a list of users who have seen the story on Instagram. Instagram Story.
It contains the total number of people who've been able to view your Story along with the names of the users for each viewers.
The total amount of views in this list includes replays, so you could see more views than users.
How do you access Story Viewers?
To access Story viewers for an active published Story go to Instagram and swipe up.
To access Story viewers for 24 hours after it's been unpublished:
Touch the Profile icon to open it or
Your profile photo.
Touch in the hamburger menu.
Tap Archive.
Scroll to your story.
Touch the Story and and then swipe up.
How Long Will Story Viewers Be Available?
The list of your viewers is available for 48-hours after you publish your Story.
Remember, stories are not permanent -They disappear for at the end of 24 hours following the time you publish them. This means that the list of viewers remain accessible for another 24 hours following the time they stop publishing.
The Stories viewer list is not public, so only your staff members are able to see it.
You can help make Stories last longer over 24 hours, by adding them to your profile as Highlights.
Here's how you can convert Instagram Stories to Highlights. Instagram Story to a Highlight:
Select the "+" symbol located in highlights on the profile, or in the absence of a "+" sign Tap Story Highlights
Select the Story you would like to include
Select a cover image and give a title for your Story
Tip: Keep your Highlights titles short and descriptive, and use images or icons to create the Highlights covers.
Learn more about how to use Highlights to your brand's advantage with this Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories Highlights.
To continuously increase your Story's engagement in terms of reach, engagement, and conversions To keep your Story's reach and engagement growing, you should and increase conversions, you should publish Stories frequently. Because Stories last only 24 hours, publishing them often throughout the week is reasonable.
Scheduling social media posts is much easier when you use a content calendar for scheduling.
You can manage the entire social media publishing through Sharelov's Content Calendar. It's completely free for Sharelov subscribers and you can test it out today!
How To Find More Information About Your Story Viewers
Good news: You will be able to know more about your Story viewers with insights on Sharelov.
Sharelov subscirbers can quickly access Story viewer analytics via their dashboard. You can go to Analytics>Stories.
Within Stories analytics, users will find a selection of filters and views, including the Highlights view which allows you to quickly look at the total views and reactions of each of your Stories.
Want to go more in-depth on your Story Viewers' data?
Click on any Story card to view detailed statistics that include:
Organic engagement rate: How many people commented or reacted to your Story
People have reached: How many have seen your Story
Impressions: How many times your Story was seen
Complimentation Time: How many users were able to watch the entire Story
Forward: How many people clicked ahead to see the next item in your Story
Backward: How many times have you used the back button to watch an event in your Story
Exits: What number of players played with your Story while playing it
Replies: How many responses a photo or video received
Sharelov allows you to access Story and post analytics and quickly share important points and data cards among your colleagues.
For more comprehensive analytics of your Stories you may also check out your account's overall analytics on Instagram.
If you're brand new to Instagram Insights (or if you could use refresher courses), be sure to check out the Ultimate Guide To Instagram Analytics for detailed instructions, tricks and examples.
The Truth About Viewers' List Order
The biggest misconception surrounding Instagram Story viewers' lists is the idea that it shows users according to how frequently they've seen your Stories.
It doesn't.
The list order is determined using a private algorithm that's not been disclosed to the public.
At one time, viewers were categorized by the frequency you, the brand, interacted with them. Or in chronological order. Or an amalgam of both
Depending on who was doing the theorizing.
In the words of Julian Gutman in 2019, Product Lead for Instagram Home "...The people who show up on that list aren't the ones who are the ones who keep you on their toes in the highest amount."
Redditor user infinitesimalFawn believes that the algorithm changed again in March 2021 others believe it's changed once more since then. None can nail down the reasons behind the list's order.
With no official statement from Instagram or a clear prioritization It's fair to say that the order of users in your Viewers list is an unanswered question.
What we do know is that the list of Viewers doesn't have anything to do with how many times someone visited your Story or visited your account. It's not showing who's "stalking" the account.
The positive side is that there's a wealth of information available about your Stories Viewers via Stories Insights.
What are the benefits of Stories on Instagram? Stories?
In 2021, more than 1 billion users are using Instagram at least one time per month. In total, over 500 million sign up each day, and nearly all (90 90%) follow businesses.
40 percent of U.S. adults say they've used Instagram.
500 million plus Instagram accounts make use of Stories every day. half of people surveyed say they went to a website to purchase a product or service after seeing it in Stories.
About 80% of marketers use Instagram and 64% plan to boost their organic Instagram activities within the next year.
According to the 2021 Marketing report published by Social Media Examiner, Instagram usage increased by 46% by 2020 and its storytelling-based video content were used by 59% of marketers, more than Facebook or Tiktok.
With the advent of short-form videos, Instagram is coming out ahead of the competition.
A majority of brands are investing into Instagram Stories and are betting that the platform and its Stories format will continue to be the top platform for expanding the reach of a brand, engagement and sales.
With all the different marketers competing for attention on Instagram and other platforms, finding ways to stand out isan absolute challenge!
The good news lies in the many methods of keeping up with the rivals. For starters, a documented social media plan can improve your chances of success significantly.
Monitoring your competitors and their advertisements, industry's influencers and specific hashtags can greatly improve your ability to formulate an aggressive strategy and content strategy.
There's a lot to keep track of in all, but
your time is important.
Sharelov lets you monitor and track companies, advertising, influencers, hashtags and moreeven if you take a few minutes a day.
You'll find plenty of tips on monitoring your competitors' strategies in the Sharelov's Guide How To Track Your Competitors' Social Media Strategy.
If you'd like to experience the monitoring tool that will make your job faster, easier, and more efficient, sign up for a complimentary Sharelov trial here.
Who Uses Instagram?
According to a report published by Pew Research, here's who's using Instagram in 2021:
44% of the population 18-29
48% of those between the ages of 30 - 49
29% of people aged 50-64
13% of people ages 65 and over
The proportion of people living who live in urban regions
41% of residents in suburban areas
25% of people live in rural areas
47% of those who earn more than $75,000
39% of those who earn $50,000 - $74,999
45% of people who make $30,000-$49,000
35% of people who earn less than $30,000
Users of Instagram come from all walks of life , and a vast range of geographic or economic backgrounds.
Whatever your product, brand or industry, Instagram has an audience for you. But how do you reach them?
One of the best ways to increase the ROI through the social networks is to publish original, high-quality consistently-published content.
Your brand and audience are distinct, therefore it is essential to develop your own unique schedule of posting that is targeted to your followers' behaviours on the web. Sharelov's Best Time to Post tool calculates automatically and suggests the best timings to post for your Instagram audience.
You can test Sharelov's Best Time To Post tool without cost by purchasing an Sharelov trial for a free period.
In the next part We will provide you with ways to increase the number of people who view your stories.
9 Ways to Extend Your Reach Using Instagram Story Viewers
Make the most of your Instagram Stories by utilizing the below features. They'll allow you to increase your reach as well as make your followers more engaged.
#1 #2: Add Hashtags To Your Stories To Get Seen In More Feeds
Utilize relevant hashtags to put your Stories into search feeds to ensure that more users will find your posts. Hashtags work best when you don't use them to spam your audience rather, research them and select them with care.
There isn't a need for a large number of hashtags to increase viewers. Find a specific audience by selecting hashtags for which prospective viewers or buyers will be entering into search boxes.
#2: Use Location Stickers And Geotagging To Get More Viewers And Boost Your In-person Traffic.
Geotagging and geotags are powerful methods of increasing your reach and bring users to your spot.
Amazing Vacations from Source
If you own a brick and mortar location or event, or pop-ups make sure you put the location's stickers to your Stories!
#3: Use Questions And Polls Stickers to Get Your Audience To Participate.
Polls and questions help you engage and connect with your audience.
Source: Boxycharm
Use poll and question stickers to stimulate conversation with your people in the audience. They will also be looking through your Stories to find more.
#4: Use Instagram Influencers to significantly increase Your Viewers and Engagement.
Do you want to reach a massive amount people to watch your brand? Engage an influencer to help promote your brand!
No matter how big your company is There are influencers who can suit your budget and help you increase the number of people who are watching your ads.
Influencers can help promote your brand's image through images of products such as takeovers, recommendations, and takeovers.
Micro-influencers can be particularly beneficial for small companies. Even though their audiences are smaller, the engagement rates of micro-influencers tend to be higher than those of big-name influencers. Furthermore, their prices are typically affordable for businesses of any size.
#5: Create A Compelling Instagram Profile and Bio, Including A plethora of Stories Highlights.
The profile of your Instagram profile is where people go to learn about your brand and decide whether they'd like to follow you.
Source Lowes
Completely fill out your profile and then add your best Stories as highlights so they stay in your account for the time you want.
#6: Utilize Instagram Live to Give Your Brand A Boost in the Newsfeed.
Instagram Live, a feature of Stories lets you grab the attention of your users' newsfeed. Keep your live streams active to keep your brand in the forefront of users' minds.
Create captivating live videos that invite users to engage and connect with the people behind your brand.
#7: Promote Your Story By Using Paid Advertising
Ready to grow your audience? Find people looking for similar brands to yours by promoting your Instagram Stories and posts.
Instagram is a plethora of stickers, features, and enhancements that help your business to grow the number of followers, interact with them, and ultimately convert your followers.
#8 Make Your Stories Highlights
When people are introduced to your Stories and posts when they visit your site, they are likely to click on your bio to find more about your business.
Greet your profile visitors with your profile's strong bio, and engage them with Stories Highlights that present your brand to those who are new to it. This will help you create an impressive following and broaden users' exposure to Your Instagram Stories.
#9: Auto-Share Your Instagram Stories With Facebook.
Increase your reach in seconds by enabling Instagram to automatically upload your stories to Facebook!
Here's how you can automatically post all your upcoming Instagram Stories to Facebook:
Make sure first, you ensure that your Facebook or Instagram accounts are connected. If you're not linked to your accounts The following steps will help you do it:
How To Link Your Instagram and Facebook Accounts to Allow Sharing:
Click on the profile picture at the bottom right-hand corner of your page.
Tap the hamburger menu at the top right of the page that displays your personal information.
Tap the settings icon.
Touch "Sharing with Others Apps."
Tap Facebook and then enter your Facebook login details.
Tap Continue>Yes>Finish Setup
How To Enable Autoshare Instagram Stories on Facebook:
Click on your profile image at the bottom right hand corner of the profile.
Click the hamburger menu on the top right of the page that displays your personal information.
Tap Settings>Privacy>Story
Find "Sharing" and then turn on the toggle switch above "Share Your Story on Facebook."
Autosharing stories from your Instagram Stories to Facebook can assist in expanding your reach on another important platform, without any effort.
Did you know you can create and edit Instagram Stories in Sharelov? You'll appreciate how easy it is for teams to work together, making Stories that increase your reach and sales!
5 Ways to Increase Sales Through Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories can be an excellent way to improve your sales. Here are a few tips to increase your sales using Instagram Stories.
#1. Promote Your Instagram Account outside the Instagram
Increase traffic towards your Instagram account and your shopping catalog by promoting it on your other channels, such as:
Other social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
From your website using Instagram icons
Included in your email list with teasers, images and stories
#2. Create user-generated content campaigns
According to a report published by Turn To Networks, over 70 percent of U.S. consumers make at least one online purchase every month, while 25% make online purchases weekly.
If you are looking to convert viewers to shoppers, user-generated content is essential:
A majority of consumers (90 90 percent) have said that content created by users is the most influential part of their purchasing decisions.
Nearly half (63 percent) believe user-generated content makes your shopping experience authentic.
A majority (61 percent) believe that user-generated content increases brand engagement
The majority of consumers (65%) believe that content created by users is more interesting than brand-created content.
What is user-generated content?
The term "user-generated" content (UGC) is the non-paid content users create on behalf of your brand. This includes videos and images which feature or highlight your products, reviews, or recommendations.
One method for brands to encourage their followers to contribute UGC is to make use of Instagram Stories to advertise
giveaways or sweepstakes to customers who post photos of their merchandise with hashtags.
Some offer the opportunity to be featured. For instance, Airbnb asks users to tag their images to be featured by Instagram. Instagram account page.
Because Instagram doesn't have an simple "share" button you must go through several manual steps to repost content unless you're using the Instagram share tool.
The Sharelov Instagram sharing tool allows the process of reposting UGC content much more simple.
You can try using the Instagram reposting tool for free with the purchase of a Sharelov trial account.
#3. Engage With Your Followers
In responding to each Instagram post, you will build trust and respect among your followers, making them more likely to be regular customers.
Responding to each comment can be difficult without the right software. It's easy to lose track of your location and lose track of comments. However, the last thing you want is to become frustrated when responding to your followers!
Sharelov's got your back. All of of your Instagram comments directly from your Sharelov dashboard, and build your brand's engagement in addition to reputation and sales through the process.
To learn more about how to reply on Instagram comments, take a look at our guide to Instagram Comment Engagement here.
#4. Make The Most Of Instagram's Shopping Stories for Stories
Instagram offers a variety of ways to help your business sell directly on its platform, and Stories is a fantastic format for promoting your goods and services.
to maximize potential sales with Stories format: Stories format:
Set up Checkout On Instagram which allows you to sell directly from your Instagram app.
Make an Instagram Shop, if you don't already have one.
Create "Collections" on the shop on Instagram shop to boost sales.
Use Instagram products to product images that you post in Your Instagram Stories.
Our guide, The Ultimate Checklist for Getting Setup, Approved and started shopping on Instagram gives you step-by-step steps to get set up for Instagram Shopping. Check it out today and get your sales up right away!
#5. Use Instagram Posts to drive viewers to your Stories
Stories are an excellent shopping tool. You can use Your Instagram posts to draw customers to your sales Stories:
Add a post CTA that encourages users to come back to the (specific) Story for a special discount.
Post Story teasers in your posts and invite viewers to visit the complete Story for more information.
Convert promotional stories into Highlights of your profile, and then include CTA's in your post that encourage viewers to visit your profile.
If you're interested in these suggestions to increase sales using Instagram Stories, you'll love this guide:
The 118 ideas for Outstanding Social Media Content
Our outstanding Social Media Content guide shares many Instagram posts, ideas including examples, tips, and examples to help you increase your engagement, reach, and sales.
Use Instagram Story Viewers To increase your sales, reach and following
Instagram Stories are an excellent way to expand your brand reach and boost sales. For the best results from your Story Viewers, use Story insights to find out more about your users.
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