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How to download videos from Facebook

Facebook is booming with video content: educational videos instructing you to garden and code addictive and ineffective 5-minute craft videos and those very clearly faked videos of people who catch their partners cheating on them, and aliens caught on film. If you have a desire for content, then that content is probably to be available on Facebook in video form.
If you'd like to share the video, copy the URL and send the link to a friend or DM it to them through the application. You can save the video, but it's not actually saving the video to your phone or computer's hard drive. Instead, it adds the video to your saved bookmarks for videos so that you can locate it quicker and then watch it on Facebook. Sometimes, however it's too amazing or useful to not save it on your phone. Perhaps you'd like it to show a parent, or access it even when you're not online. To download the video from Facebook it is necessary to follow through with several steps.
Before we get started It's crucial to remember that you shouldn't be rushing into downloading just any video. It's not a good idea to download content with copyrights, and if you want to download a friend's privately uploaded video on Facebook it's possible to think of asking them if it's OK before going through the trouble of downloading. Maybe they'll give the video to you.
1. Pick a video
Find a YouTube video you'd like to save to.
2. Copy the link
You'll need to copy and paste the link of the Facebook video to download it.
Click on the three dots in the top of the right side of the video, and then copy the URL.
3. Copy that link into a new tab
After you have copied the link and paste it in a new tab.
Copy and paste the link into a new tab in order to navigate to that site.
4. Eliminate "www" inside the url and change it to "mbasic. "
You'll have to edit your URL to redirect to an older version of Facebook currently.
This is the way it should look like if you switch "www" to "mbasic" inside your Internet browser.
In the link, remove"www. "www" in the link and replace it with "mbasic." This will transform your site into a vintage kind of Facebook.
5. Play the video in an entirely new tab
A photo of the Facebook video as a stand-alone on a page.
It's now just one video played on a black screen.
6. Right click, and save the video
You're done! The only thing left to do is save this video you downloaded from Facebook onto your device.
Right click on the video, select save as, and boom! You're done.
There's a better way to save a video, and that's the way you can save the video on a mobile device. You can download a video from Facebook just as you would download a YouTube video from Twitter by copying the share link, and paste that link into an unofficial website that can take care of all that work for you. Once you've got the tweet link copied, you'll need to go to a website like FB Down. Then, you'll need to paste the copied link and click to download. It is also possible to download a third-party app like the Friendly for Facebook app which offers the Facebook app additional options, such as a download option.
If nothing else works If all else fails, you can record your screen or play the video and save the video to your phone or desktop in this manner. Screen recording is fairly easy but it won't offer the same level of quality as saving the Facebook video independently. More on Inflact.
If nothing else works If all else fails, you can record your screen or play the video and save the video to your phone or desktop in this manner. Screen recording is fairly easy but it won't offer the same level of quality as saving the Facebook video independently. More on Inflact.
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Before downloading a Facebook video, make sure you have permission to download getting over it and use it in accordance with Facebook's terms and conditions. You should check that the video is publicly posted, and do not download videos that are not shared publicly or that you do not have permission to download.
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