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How to hide hashtags on Instagram

After you've worked hard to create your Instagram caption, you don't be able to finish your post with a prominent collection of hashtags. There are several methods to make your hashtags less prominent.
How do you make it difficult to hide Instagram hashtags in comments:
Create your caption in the usual way, however, don't use hashtags.
After your post has been posted, simply click on the speech bubble icon beneath your blog post to leave a message.
Copy or write the hashtags that you want to add in the box for comments and tap Post.
On mobile, your hashtags will not be visible unless a user selects View all comments. However, on desktop your comments will stay at the top, so this trick works better when you're targeting a mobile audience.
Source: VW on Instagram
How do you hide Instagram hashtags from captions:
You can also add hashtags within your caption without them being visible to the naked eye.
At the bottom of your caption Tap Return or Enter at the bottom of your caption. If you do not see a Return or Enter button you can tap 123 to display it.
Enter a punctuation mark (try an asterisk, a dash, or bullet) Then press Return once more.
Repeat steps 2 to 4 at least three times.
Instagram hides captions at the end of three lines. This means that your hashtags won't show unless your followers click ... more. In the event that they do, your hashtags will be separated from your caption , which means they won't interfere with your caption.
How do you hide captions on Instagram Stories
You can hide hashtags in Instagram Stories, too. One option is simply to make them appear less prominent. your hashtags, by pinching and shrinking them until they are extremely small. You can also tap the hashtag sticker to change the background from white to a semi-transparent one.
If you want to hide your hashtags entirely it is possible to paste an emoji, sticker or GIF over top to conceal them. More on BigBangram!
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