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How do you save Instagram video clips ? You can then transfer them to your iPhone and Android

There is a way to store Instagram videos that you post to your account and download them to the device you prefer: iPhone as well as Android.
You can also add any Instagram video post or reel to Collections.
It is possible to download Instagram videos using Inflact ( for instance) or even record your screen and save them to.
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There are many ways to make videos on Instagram like a normal video posting or on your own account, or in reels. In the event that you'd prefer to save the Instagram video for download on your smartphone , there are many methods to accomplish it.
Instagram makes it easy downloading and saving videos from your stories. If you've created videos, you aren't able to locate an option under the menu with three dots to save the post directly to your camera roll. Instead, the option is to save the post to your Instagram Collections, or even record your screen to capture the video and download it using an application from a third party.
Here's how you can archive and save any Instagram video to the iPhone and also on an Android phone.
How do I Save Instagram videos to collections?
The app allows you to conserve Instagram reels and video posts within the app to your collections.
Save Instagram video posts
Click the flag icon located in just below the bottom right corner on your screen you want to save.
The video will be saved to Collections, the folder that is default.
Click the flag to save the post.
If you'd like to organize your saved posts, hit the "Save for Collection" banner that is located over the flag icon Then, in the pop-up window that appears, click the "+" sign to create the New Collection.
Select to the "Save to Collection" banner to save the post to a particular Collection or to start a New Collection.
To view your saved collections Go to the profile sectionand select the icon that has three horizontal lines that are located on the right-hand side of your screen. After that, select "Saved" in addition to the flag icon. You can view every post you've saved.
YouTube videos that you have replayed Instagram videos should be saved
Click on the flag icon on the right-hand left side of the wheel. You can also click the three dots icon at the bottom , and then select "Save" within the window which pops up. This will place the reel to the default folder for Collections.
When you are at the bottom of a reel select the flag or three dots icon and then select "Save" from the menu that appears.
How can it save Instagram videos you upload to your account
Save the Instagram image from your story and then download it onto your smartphone:
1. Open Instagram.
2. If you've got an article that has been posted on your profile and you want to save it, you can to save the story in the Camera Roll. Simply click on the "Stories" bubble at the upper left corner of the screen for the latest story.
Find your most recent story by clicking on your profile bubble located in the lower left hand corner.
3. If you can see the video or image from your story you wish to save, click the three dots symbol at the top-right of your screen.
Hit"More" or the "More" icon located in the upper right corner.
4. The pop-up menu will appear box, click "Save."
Select "Save" from the menu of options.
5. Select "Save Video" (or "Save Photo") to save that particular video or image or "Save Story" to save the whole story as one video.
Choose the method you want to save.
When you've finished the process You'll receive a prompt confirmation that the video has been saved to the camera roll of your device.
You can also alter your Instagram settings to make sure that your posts are automatically downloaded to your camera roll, or saved in your Instagram archive.
If you'd like to keep your story on Instagram Keep them in Highlights to your profile.
How do I get the Instagram videos downloaded? Instagram videos using applications from third parties?
If you'd want to save and download the contents of an Instagram video story or post reel or story, you could accomplish this with the help of an app developed by a third-party.
Download Instagram videos for Android
1. Download the application in order to save videos for Instagram on the Google Play Store.
2. Start the Instagram application. If you are watching the video you would like to save, tap"three dots" located in the upper-right corner.
3. When the window pops up that appears, click "Copy Link." Then, launch your Video Downloader app for Instagram application and copy the URL for the download.
YouTube videos can be downloaded to your iPhone
1. Download the app Blaze the Browser and File Manager on the App Store of Apple.
2. Start the Instagram application using your iPhone. While you're viewing the video you want to save, press"three dots," and select "Copy Link" in the menu that opens.
3. Copy the URL into The Blaze application, click download, and then choose an option to save the file to the camera roll.
How do Do I Save Instagram videos with screen recording?
You can also record your phone's screen using iPhone as well as Android for saving the Instagram video.
If you have your own iPhone you can record your screen with Control Center. Control Center. If you are using Android 11, you can record your screen by going to the Quick Settings list.
If you're using an Android that is pre-dated Android 11 Screen recording is only accessible via an app that is an external source, like AZ Screen Recorder.
Important note when downloading the Instagram video to upload it to the internet in the future make sure that you give the account that first uploaded it the proper credit. It's not a good idea and could lead to copyright infringement if you download another's video and claim that it's your own.
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