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How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

It's not uncommon to meet someone without an Instagram account. Regardless, those who resist using the social media platform are aware of what Instagram stories are. If you've heard of a story you can't miss, you're probably wondering if there are ways to view it without having to create an Instagram account.
This article will explain all you must know about watching Instagram stories. It also suggests tools will allow you to do it without signing up for an account.
Use Third-Party Software to access Instagram Stories without an Account
You've discovered that someone you know shared a story on Instagram and you'd like to know what happened as soon as possible. You do not have an Instagram profile. You don't want your friends to help you because the person who wrote the story also has access to who has opened the story. You aren't able to access Instagram without registering an account. You can't login to your feed.
There is an easy method of viewing Instagram's stories without having to sign up for an Inflact account. However, you will require a third-party application. We've compiled this list of the top apps available and also included instructions on how to use these apps.
1. Insta-Stories Online
Insta-Stories Online allows you to read stories online without cost. It's a website, so it doesn't require you download any software or apps. You don't even need to sign up for an account.
Start your browser and navigate to the Insta-Stories Online website.
In the "search bar," type the person's "username" and press "Enter," or click on the "magnifying glass" icon to the right. Be sure to remember any dashes dots, underscores, or any other punctuation marks you see in their username.
When the profile is displayed after that, click the "circled icon of the profile" to access their stories. Scroll down to view all stories of that user, and then select the story you would like to view.
To see other stories written by this user, click on the left or right to navigate.
Insta-Stories Online allows you to download stories to your device. Just press the "Download" button located at the top-right corner. You can also save your favorite profiles by clicking on the heart icon beside the username. The program lets you view and download posts, as well.
2. Instadp
Instadp lets you view and download Instagram stories.
This tool lets you look through Instagram stories.
Visit the Instadp site using your web browser
In the username search bar in the username search bar, type the "username" of the person and then press "Enter" or select the "magnifying glass" icon.
Press "Continue" when it appears.
Scroll down to see the stories that were posted by the user within the past 24 hours. Hit the "Download" button to save these stories.
Each profile that you search will be listed in "History" So you can always find the profiles later.
Instadp is accessible on all platforms and is free.
3. StoriesIG
StoriesIG is another free and simple website that allows users to download and view Instagram stories. It is accessible on your laptop or desktop device, regardless of the operating system it is. It can be used using the following instructions:
Go to the StoriesIG website using your browser
Type the username of the profile in the search bar and hit the Enter key. Click the double Arrowhead icon to the right. Pay attention to any unique characters that appear in the username.
There's a list of stories that are currently being published below the username. Scroll down to read them, if there are any. Select "Download" to save them to your device.
This tool enables you to download and view Instagram Highlights as well. After you've found an account, choose "Highlights".
4. Mystalk
Mystalk is distinct from other Instagram accounts run by third-party users.
Other sites automatically load a profile based on your search criteria. This could mean that you'll see incorrect results, particularly in the case of a large number of accounts sharing a similar username.
Mystalk lets you input your username in the same way as other users, but also allows you to choose the correct profile. This means you don't need to know their username. You can search for the user by their real name, when they've added it to Instagram.
Start your browser and navigate to the Mtstalk website.
Enter "username" as well as "person's last and first names" in the search bar. Click "Enter" to confirm or click "magnifying glasses" to the right.
Select the profile you wish to view.
Under the username, you'll be able to see the profiles' stories. Browse through them until you locate the story you're most interested in, or browse all of them. To save them to your device, press "Download" in the lower-right area of the story.
5. Dumpor
Dumpor lets you search and download stories, posts, and videos anonymously. Another exciting feature is that it allows you to search by hashtags or specific locations.
Start your browser, and then go to the Dumpor site.
Type the "username" in the search bar.
There will be a number of profiles that are listed within the search results. Pick the one that you are interested in.
Scroll to the bottom and hit "Show Stories."
Select the image you wish to view. If you wish to save it to your device, click the "green download icon" in the top-right corner.
If you don't have an Instagram account, you aren't able to view other stories of others. But, with the assistance of a variety of users of Instagram's story viewer, this isn't a problem. Numerous tools are accessible online and are able to be used on any platform, no matter the operating system. They are also user-friendly, and totally free.
We hope this article was useful to you, and that it can help you view Instagram stories without creating an account.
Instagram Anonymous Account Viewing FAQs
Is it safe to look at the profiles of third-party Instagram profiles?
In the majority of cases, Instagram story viewers are secure. These websites can still keep track of your activities and information. These tools can still monitor your activities and personal information. If you are concerned about their online safety should not use these tools or research further before making a choice.
Some websites claim they enable users to read stories published on private profiles. They then redirect you to other pages that often aren't legitimate. These sites may also contain viruses that can damage your device.
Other third-party apps display ads to provide funding for the developer, yet they may display links to sites that are malicious.
Other websites might ask you to enter your email address, phone number, or other private details. Though it is your choice, we advise against this. Numerous Instagram story viewers don't require you to give any personal information.
Can I view everyone's Story without having an account?
It's not possible to access all the stories of everyone. It is only possible to view content from accounts that are public. There are two options available to Instagram users: public and private. When an account is set to public, anyone can see the posts and stories of their followers. However, private accounts can only publish stories or posts that have been shared by their followers.
Instagram also provides an "Close Friends” option. With this feature, users can share their stories only with those they've chosen to share with. These stories cannot be accessed until you sign up for an account or add them to a friend list.
Be aware that every story can only be used for 24 hours. It isn't possible to access an expired story unless the person saved it in the "Highlights" section.
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