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Hi there!
I'm snovvcrash and I do ethical penetration testing, red teaming, security tooling developement and cybersecurity researching. I work as a white hat computer security consultant (certified) and I have nothing to do with malicious threat actors / cyber criminals / black hats or any other "bad guys" that take part in actions that are intended to cause harm to the cyber realm (computers, devices, systems, or networks).
This is a Boosty account of mine whose purpose is serving a way to say "Thank you" for my public contributions to the InfoSec community.
DISCLAIMER. All the projects associated with this account are intended for security specialists operating under a contract; all information that may be provided after a subscription should be used for authorized penetration testing and/or educational/research purposes only. The author cannot be held liable for any damages caused by improper usage of any of the related projects and/or appropriate security tooling. Distribution of malware, disruption of systems, and violation of secrecy of correspondence are prosecuted by law.
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