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Toyota Mark II [X100] - Public Release!

Hello Everyone!
Happy to say, that i'm finally releasing new project into public release. It's been a long time without news or new releases, but I'm finally back! 

Originally i've been started to work with it since last october, but now it is finally finished. To be honest it's been finished a month ago or something like that, but all that time i've got always something to do with it, small things, or physics updates.. Also, personally I want to say a HUGE thanks & respect to everyone, who helped me with this car, especially to Corduroy and Emfini from "Hearty Sundays Racing Club" [HSRC] Touge Project! Without them and their help - this project will probably never came out.

But now, here it is!
The Brand New Toyota Mark II X100 For You!

So, this time i've focused more on optimization while making this mod, that means you don't need to download 15+gb or something like that. The car will presented in a few packages (Grande 2.5 and Tourer V) both of them have different appearence, first is Pre-Restyling and second is Restyling. So you can choose and download only 1 or 2 version's that you mostly like.

What about physics?
Well, it is MUCH and MUCH better then you can ever imagine. First of all, this is a not drift bucket or a street/track tuned specification. This is a pure stock carI can say, this is the best and much realistic physics ever made for JZX's cars in Assetto Corsa, especially for the family of x100 chassis. And yeah, it was possible because physics was made by these guys: Corduroy & Emfini from [HSRC] project, again, huge thanks to them! Personally i've got a lot of enjoyment to drive this car. Hope you will like it too!

Like as always, down below you will find download links, previews, and full description of the cars.

Enjoy, lads! Don't forget to share with you're friends, especially if they are fans of jzx's cars :)

Very important moments!

1. Required Latest Custom Shader Patch
2. Make Sure You Have Enabled Extended Physics In Content Manager! (this mod using cosmic suspension)
3. Highly Required Tyres App Ext (
tyres_app_ext 4.8) (because kunos tyres app dosen't work correct with extended tyre physics)
4. Optional Recommend PPfilter (
AMA PP Filter 1.2.5) (Also, C13 Aegis is a good choice too)


-Base Model: Ivanov 3D Worx
-Convert & Model Edit: Sawedoff
-Extensions & PBR: Sawedoff
-Physics: Corduroy & Ini-F [HSRC] (Hearty Sundays Racing Club Official Discord Channel)
-Plates: AEGIS Visuals


-Stock Specification 1JZ-GTE
-Included Tourer V versions & Grande 2.5
-Three-Piece Front Headlights or Two-Piece Headlights
-Few Variations of Interior (For Tourer V & Grande They Are Different)
-Correct Model Scale & Wheelbase Of The 3D Models
-Cosmic Suspension, Extended Tyre Physics And Much More
-Supports All Custom Shader Patch Features
-Working Wipers
-Included Interior Animations
-Fully AO Baked Interior/Exterior
-VAO Patched
-Added LODs


-Daylights OFF/ON - EXTRA-A
-Fog Lights - EXTRA-B
-Interior Top Light - EXTRA-C

Download links & Previews:

Grande 2.5 Pre-Restyling:
External Download Link From Mega: Click
External Download Link From Google Drive: Click

Tourer V Pre-Restyling:
External Download Link From Mega: Click
External Download Link From Google Drive: Click

Grande 2.5 Restyling:
External Download Link From Mega: Click
External Download Link From Google Drive: Click

Tourer V Restyling:
External Download Link From Mega: Click
External Download Link From Google Drive: Click

Also, you can download this mod at my Telegram channel: Click
Toyota Mark II [GX100] Grande 2.5 Pre-Restyling.7z94.26 MbDownload
Toyota Mark II [JZX100] Tourer V Pre-Restyling.7z98.23 MbDownload
Toyota Mark II [GX100] Grande 2.5 Restyling.7z96.23 MbDownload
Toyota Mark II [JZX100] Tourer V Restyling.7z98.16 MbDownload
Hopefully the AI works on this (and maybe an update for previous releases so they work as traffic cars) otherwise looks really nice as per usual.
Sorry, I have a problem, car is bouncing on track. I have installed tire mod for extended physics, and still it is bouncing :/
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Nikola Sabljić, 
The extended physics works not only for the cars, but also for the tracks, some things changes like some surfaces, how they interact with car tyres and etc. Best choice for extended physics is kunos tracks. But tracks like Shutoko should works fine too. Personally I didn't notice issues like that on tracks I've been using, of course I've been using not only kunos tracks
Nikola Sabljić, One last thing I want to say for clarity. The tire mod you installed - does not affect the tire physics of the car itself. It is needed in order to just see the parameters of tires with extended physics, how warm they are, cold or on the contrary overheated. And also to see in more detail what part of the tire is hot or cold right now. All this data is displayed in real time, depending on how you drive the car. You can enable it as an app within the game, instead of the vanilla tire app from Kunos
Thanks a lot for detailed reply! Updating did the trick. Have a brilliant week :D
Nikola Sabljić, no problem! Glad to hear that you succesfully resolved this issue. Have fun with the ride and wish all the best to you too ;)

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