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Who are we?
Our organization was founded in December 2023 with the cooperation of Hungarians living in Russia with national sentiments and their helpers in the mother country. Until now, our members have helped the everyday lives of children living in Donetsk and other parts of the new territories, but in order to achieve a greater impact, we are undertaking to launch a targeted fundraising campaign covering the whole of Hungary. We are in direct contact with both church and civil fundraising organizations in Donetsk.
Why do we do it?
The answer is extremely simple. For the children! Since 2014, countless families have received support from Russia, and even from European and US states. You are not alone if you think that the nationality of children living in conflict zones does not matter.
What are we not doing?
We don't do politics! Please take this into account when you send us messages and when you share about us. Of course, we also have our opinion on the situation, but that is not the topic of this platform.


The Ukrainian armed forces carried out a terrorist attack against a crowded market in Donetsk yesterday, when it came under artillery fire. There are no military targets near the market or even in the city quarter, so their intention was clearly to kill civilians. The terrorist attack took place on Sunday, the day after the Orthodox Epiphany, when the market is full of people. Currently, 27 dead and at least 20 wounded have been confirmed. Children are also among the wounded. The Donetsk Children's Union deeply sympathizes with the families of the victims. Mothers and fathers died there, children were left orphans. As a result of what happened, we continue our work with redoubled strength! Every child's life matters, support our work too!
Board of Donetsk Children's Association
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The fundraising campaign of the Donetsk Children's Association was launched

After long organizational work, we managed to implement the initiative of Hungarian civilians living in Russia, which is also considered unique in Europe. Our fundraising campaign was launched today, the aim of which is to make the everyday lives of children living in Donetsk and new areas of Russia more beautiful. Church and civil organizations in Donetsk help us in our work. The collected amounts are always used to finance the goals indicated by them.
Our work is strictly non-political, no political messages will be conveyed during the campaign. We ask that those who sympathize with us, agree with our goals, and promote our campaign take this into account. The flagship of our campaign is the website donyeckigerekert.nethouse.ru, which can be considered the primary source of all news related to us. We also launched our Facebook page. We hope that, respecting the right to free expression and our charitable activities, all service providers will act in accordance with their legal obligations and not hinder our work. Sincerely, Chairmanship of Donetsk Children's Association

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This grant provides children in Donetsk with 1,000 rubles per month.

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This grant provides children in Donetsk with 2,500 rubles per month.

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$ 58 per month
This grant provides children in Donetsk with 5000 rubles per month.

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$ 115 per month
This grant provides children in Donetsk with 10000 rubles per month.

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$ 287 per month
This grant provides children in Donetsk with 25000 rubles per month.
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