creator cover «R.A.D» | Multiplayer x64

«R.A.D» | Multiplayer x64

Anomaly Multiplayer 64-Bit Platform - WIP
«R.A.D» | Multiplayer x64
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Say thanks for radmp's work
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For our lifetime official Moscow Virtual Private Server.
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Gunslinger Weapon Pack for our mod (Achieved with the v49)
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Payments for level-design (Achieved for the big custom map)
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64-Bit Engine for our mod (Achieved)
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HUD & UI Rework (Achieved)
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Discord-bot for our mod (Achieved)

About the creator

I present to you a fan project on which we and my team port the engine, as well as all systems, configs, locations directly from the modification Stalker Anomaly to the technical base of our 64-bit X-Ray Multiplayer Fork.
About the idea.
The mod was designed to be an Anomaly-inspired CO-OP mod for 4-6 players, with the ability to create your own multiplayer mod packs, host them yourself, and port Anomaly compatible addons from the Moddb site.
However, as much as we would like to, not all add-ons are currently compatible due to the difference between multiplayer and single player mechanics.
Achieved features.
1. Save-progress .LTX-based database in each of our releases for the convenience of players.
2. In-game VoiceChat (native) to talk to your friends. With noise reduction, voice distance and microphone volume.
3. Renders and shaders from the original X-Ray Monolith engine. Still in beta, but already good and looks cool. (Ex.: Reshade menu that supports by Anomaly DX11 render.)
4. Weather, textures, configs, sounds, locations - from the original Anomaly 1.5.2.
5. Special thanks to the ShitpostingGoddes for personally agreeing to use his Open-Source X-Ray STCoP 3.5 engine that is included in our X-Ray Fork that gives us 64-bit supporting. We also thank him and his team for the Boomsticks and Sharpsticks Anomaly, which will also be included as a base weapon pack in our public release.
Official Beta-Gameplay with my friend on our Beta-Server. (FPS reduced sometimes by screen-recorder)
Main Menu Design
Level required:
«R.A.D» | Soundtracks
Preview our custom in-game sounds created for us by our community.
Level required:
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Only server-admins can use that admin-panel with two modes:
1. On aim
2. In your inventory
Regular players can't use this panel without login/password.
Server admins can be configured here: appdata_server/users/radmins.ltx
This feature was made from scratch like in Anomaly.

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