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Which platform bed should you choose? The bed is the centerpiece in the bedroom, so you must choose it carefully to meet the comfort and best fit for the bedroom.
Determining a good platform bed is not easy, you can choose the bed from the material, style and sizes. PlatformBedExpert helps you choose the best platform bed for your room with honest reviews and buying guides.
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Sep 11 2022 09:17
What Is the Best Wooden Queen Platform Bed Frame
Platform beds are low-profile bed frames with a slatted or solid surface to provide maximum support to the mattress. Ideally, platform beds are affordable since they significantly serve as a bed frame with a built-in foundation. In addition, these beds are available in multiple styles like storage drawers, footboards, upholstered, and footboards. The storage feature is usually found in many platform beds as they are highly convenient for small apartments where space is limited. 
Purchasing a wood queen platform bed is most likely the answer to your bed needs since it comes with several benefits. As earlier mentioned, a wooden queen bed frame is relatively affordable compared to other bed types. Also, the wood platform queen bed will easily match your bedroom décor. Additionally, platform beds do not require a box spring or a spacer, thanks to their sturdy wooden slat foundation. Buying a wood queen size platform bed assures you of durability since wood is an excellent durable material.
Best Wood Queen Bed Platforms for Your Needs
#1. DHP Rose Linen Tufted Queen Platform Bed
Straightforward and elegant, the DHP Rose Upholstered Platform bed with storage will be the commanding piece in your room, creating an impressive appearance. With its unique contemporary design, a touch of mid-century style that seems to have impressed many reviewers, the platform bed queen integrates fashion and function in an incredibly unique blend. Additionally, the bed is upholstered expertly in linen, consisting of button-tufting details in heavy foam padding on both the footboard and headboard. 
An exciting feature in this wood queen bed frame is that it comes with storage capabilities in incredibly spacious drawers that enable you to store your items, thus decluttering your room. This unique piece of furniture is expertly engineered with a solid bentwood slat support foundation that offers excellent ventilation to keep your mattress fresh. Four sturdy contemporary legs provide support and add a lovely look to the bed’s appearance. There are other center legs to facilitate extra support for a comfortable night’s sleep.
#2. KD Frames Nomad Plus Queen Platform Bed
Notably, this unique queen size platform bed is regarded as a minimalist Swedish style or design with a great emphasis on simplicity and functionality. This lovely wood queen bed frame is expertly engineered with a natural, unfinished, smooth tulip poplar that is incredibly durable and gives the bed a lovely and sophisticated touch. You can easily customize this platform bed to your preferences and tastes since the wood is unfinished. A sturdy slat system that is spaced 2.8 inches apart provides excellent support to the mattress. Fortunately, there is no need for a box spring because of the robust slat foundation with a weight capacity of six hundred pounds.
Moreover, there is a clearance space underneath the platform bed where you can store your items. Assembling this wood platform queen bed is a walk in the park since the bed comes with clear, easy, and detailed guidelines on how to go about it. Not only is the KD Frames Nomad Plus bed frame affordable, but also it comes with a stress-free 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.
#3. Mellow Naturalista Classic Platform Bed
This wood queen platform bed is a durable and steady bed that features solid wooden slats that do not need any plywood or box spring. Indeed, this sturdy platform bed will enhance your bedroom décor with a natural and rustic vibe thanks to its organic wood grains and straightforward silhouette. This lovely platform bed is engineered with 00% wood, thus its durability. Additionally, the bed comes in ready and straightforward parts because straightforward instructions are quickly included that guide you on how to assemble. The bed also comes with non-slip tape that is noise-free and ensures that the mattress does not slide hence its unquestionable stability. Moreover, it is easy to clean the bed since you can do so by spot cleaning with the help of a gentle detergent and a damp cloth. Lastly, the platform bed has a storage capacity underneath the bed where you can store your items to reduce clutter in your bedroom.
#4. Zinus Moiz Frame Queen 14-inch Platform Bed
This attractive wood queen platform bed comprises 100% wood and consists of clean, traditional styling with various available colors. Also, the platform bed is expertly engineered with robust wooden slats to provide excellent support and lengthen the life of your mattress without the help of a box spring. Fortunately, there is a 10.5-inch clearance space underneath the bed that is ideal for storing your items. Boasting elegance and simplicity, this platform bed gives off a traditional style enhanced with a touch of rustic charm. Amazingly, this platform bed has a weight capacity of five hundred pounds, thanks to its sturdy foundation. For extra support, there are center legs that significantly boost stability. You do not have to beat yourself up about assembling since the whole bed frame is smartly packed into a single, convenient box that is simple to move around stairs and hallways.
It does not necessarily matter if you live in a small apartment or not; the above-listed wood queen platform beds are ideal for your needs. They are pretty versatile and provide much storage space, and most importantly, they add a chic and modern style to your bedroom décor. Notably, the above-listed platform beds have great reviews accompanied with enthusiastic remarks, which most praise the beds for their functionality, affordability, versatility, and durability. Today, numerous firms sell platform beds, and it is highly essential to choose a wooden platform bed that is of a high quality that will provide you maximum support, comfort, and longevity. That is why it is so vital for you to know all about these platform beds, whether it is the materials used, to make informed decisions that will not come to disappoint and frustrate you later on. Therefore, if you look for the best wood queen platform bed frames, the above-listed platform beds are our top picks.
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Jun 24 2021 10:33
Best Platform Bed with Underbed Drawers
Platform beds are practical. They are stylish, elegant, space-saving and highly functional. Most of the beds come with storage options. A platform bed with underbed drawers is the best you can get for the house if you love a neat and clean place. 
If you want an affordable, trendy and modern platform bed with underbed drawers, the DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed is going to be a worthwhile choice. 
The first thing you notice about the bed is the chic and contemporary look it gives. It is black which goes with almost all home interiors. You don’t need to think much about whether it will look good in the bedroom or not. 
The detailing on it is amazing. It is engraved with minute detailing which looks good. Moreover, it has ample storage space beneath it. Four drawers can be used to store almost anything you want. 
Pros of DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed
Durable and Stable: This platform bed with underbed drawers is very stable and durable. The side and center rails along with the metal legs made it strong. 
Space-Saving: The bed comes with 4 drawers that are excellent for concealed storage. 
Air Circulation: Wooden slats are an added advantage. They make sure that the mattress gets ample support and air to keep it breathable. 
Modern and Chic: The bed looks aesthetically pleasing and gives a modern look to the room
Cons of DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed
Assemble Time: For first-time users, it can be a little difficult to assemble.
The DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed is one-of-a-kind and the best platform bed with underbed drawers. It is affordable, modern, classy and smart and can increase the aesthetic quotient of the room in no time. 
Having a bed with underbed drawers is something that I really, really want to do. I saw an ad of the same on https://www.armattress.com/. Ever since then, I've just been fixated on this idea.
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Jun 05 2021 12:45
Upholstered and Wood Platform Bed Frame: What is the best?
A platform bed can be made of many different materials. Upholstered and wood platform bed frames are the two most common types of materials that are used for making a platform bed. 
The choice between a wooden and upholstered platform bed is not easy. On the one hand, the wood bed gives off a very classic and timeless vibe. Upholstered beds are the epitome of comfort and style. So, how to choose which one you want? The following pros and cons will make your choice easier. 
Pros of Wooden Beds 
Durable and Sturdy: Wood is a very durable material. Beds made of wood can last a lifetime. 
Easy to Clean: Cleaning and maintenance are very easy. All you need to do is wipe with a damp cloth and you can clean the bed easily
Timelessness: Wooden furniture always adds a dash of elegance and timelessness to your house. It never goes out of fashion.
Many Styles: Wood has so many variations. You can pick from hardwood, softwood or plywood. This makes these wood platform beds very versatile. 
Cons of Wooden Beds 
Lack of Comfort: These bed frames might not be the most comfortable ones.
Pros of Upholstered Beds 
Comfortable: These beds are very soft and comfortable when compared to any other material. They are made of super soft material and are extremely comfortable. 
Colorful: Unlike wooden frames, upholstered beds can come in any color you can imagine. The choices are endless.
Safe: These beds and headboards are the best when it comes to safety. They are fluffy and soft and safe. You can’t hurt yourself on them. 
Cons of Upholstered Beds 
Not Easy to Clean: The biggest drawback is that cleaning these beds is very difficult. 
ConclusionThe end line between choosing a wood platform bed and an upholstered platform bed is personal choice and preference.
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May 28 2021 13:10
Wood or metal platform bed should I choose?
Platform beds are stable and provide a reassuring sleeping surface. But, if you want a more relaxed sleep and a better rest no matter the bed type, go for a memory foam mattress or the hybrid mattress.
The frames of platform beds come in different materials. However, metal and wood are two of the most common frame materials to find in furniture stores. 
Below is an expert guide to help you determine the most suitable bed for your home.
When discussing wood, you need to consider four factors; Robustness, Versatility, maintenance, and finish. All these elements play a crucial role in describing your night's sleep.
Durable wood platform bed: Durable wood have distinct grains, are sturdy, and guarantee lifelong experiences. There are different types of wood varieties used in furniture making. But, we will discuss three of the best; Mahogany, Maple, and Oak. 
Mahogany classic solid wood platform bed.
Mahogany is not only an enduring wood alternative. It assumes a classy and stylish finish if built skillfully. The 3.5-inch wooden frame is plain but impervious. Most bedrooms in modern homes that have mahogany beds look neat.
Maple queen platform bed 
Maple wood is another durable alternative if you want something novel in the bedroom. Maple wood platform beds are naturally attractive and assume a smooth grain finish.
The maple queen platform bed fits any mattress design and is an ideal choice if you want a bed that has profiled edges.
Oak queen platform bed
A simple oak queen platform bed can transform the look in your bedroom immensely. This bed is suitable if you have a queen size mattress and is finished off with a protective multi-layer synthetic varnish.
Oak queen platform beds with headboards allow you to personalize the bed according to your inclinations. 
Metal platform beds: You need to consider three factors before choosing the right metal platform bed. Metal type, tubing size, and metal malleability. 
Simple design steel metal platform bed
Steel made platform beds are rust-resistant, robust, and attractive. The simple design steel bed increases your mattress's life and will not sag in the middle. The frame of the bed is strong and does not make noise as you sleep. Also, these kinds of Steel platform beds do not need a box spring.
Heavy-duty steel platform bed
Although a more expensive option, this heavy-duty platform bed is uniquely designed to offer many benefits. The bed is easy to assemble and disassemble with the frame made even. 
Steel lasts longer as compared to other metal choices. 
King size heavy-duty steel platform bed
The king-size platform bed is among the best choice of bed many homeowners fancy. The outer frame is sturdy and does not make noise under pressure. The stainless steel nature allows it to resist rust and live long.
The design of most heavy-duty platform beds is unique and can support up to a maximum of 3000 lbs. 
Depending on your taste and preferences, choose a supreme platform bed that matches all your demands. It can be a wooden platform bed or a steel made platform bed. 
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