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The female dog names should be fun and meaningful, but also easily understood and easy to pronounce.
I have found that dogs respond well to names that end in an ee sound like Bailey, Charlie, Sammy or Rocky.
I read an article once that said dogs hear “S” sounds well and hard consonant sounds like a hard G or a J sound like in Gummy or Jerry or a hard C sound like Cookie.
It may not be imaginative but it can help if the dog ever gets lost to name it something that describes it like Blackie, Buffy (tan or buff colored), Hershey (for brown dogs), Red, Spots or Whitey.
I want to caution you against using names that might scare people or give them reason to harm the dog because the name sounds vicious like Killer or Butcher. Also don’t call it anything that is offensive or embarrassing.
I suggest trying out a few names to see if one gets his attention more than another. But once you name him don’t change it a month or 2 down the road.
Whatever you name him, I hope you two have tons of fun together! Best of luck to you and your dog!
YOU should name your dog hun. What does he look like to you? Does he have a feature on him that needs to be his name? Do you have a name that is special or means something to you? Maybe a favorite food, drink, flower, state or a country. And you don’t have to give him a name now, tomorrow, a month from today? Really thats the benefit of having a dog. You get to name your dog when you please. I think its important that the name matches their personality. It doesnt matter how long it takes you to choose a name. Just have it fit his personality. Good luck!
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