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Cataclysm Instant 85
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OpenWoW is a 4.3.4 instant 85 cataclysm server which offers the following
— Our PvP includes Arenas, Battlegrounds, Solo queue and world PvP in Gurubashi
— Our PvE includes customised content within dungeons, raids, world bosses and solo content
— We offer something for both PvP and PvE for players to enjoy!
— Starter gear system for PvP is Ruthless S10 (390 Weapons/391 Armor)
— Starter gear system for PvE is Raid Finder Dragon Soul (384) up to Heroic Firelands (397) with various mixed-off pieces starting at 372++
— We don’t offer any play-to-win services to get ahead of the gearing system and focus on a balanced progressive gearing system
Available to everyone
Sep 24 2022 06:24
Destiny Cataclysm Realm Information
• Status: Online
• Expansion: Cataclysm 4.3.4 - Instant 85 PvP & PvE
• Server Language: English
• Battleground Requirement: 5v5  
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