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Electronic musician and software developer
Alexander Zolotov

About the creator

I'm an electronic musician, artist, software and hardware developer. Creator of SunVox, PixiTracker, Virtual ANS, Fractal Bits, PhonoPaper and many other apps.
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Fractal Bits & Relic Waves updates

Fractal Bits 1.2 and Relic Waves 1.1 have been released:
 * new option - Hold; if enabled, notes will play endlessly without reacting to key release (noteOff) events; turning the note on again works like turning it off; there are two ways to enable this option:
1) using the Hold parameter in the "MIDI Mapping" window;
2) by pressing the HOLD button, which appears in place of LCK while playing the musical keyboard: press HOLD, release the desired notes - then the released notes will continue to play;
 * additional highlighting of locked samples;
 * bug fixes.

Some of the new features of SunVox 2.1.2

Coming soon...
(not a complete list)
* new module Smooth - it attempts to follow the waveform of the incoming signal, smoothing out sharp changes in accordance with the Rise and Fall parameters;
* new modulation types in FMX and Analog Generator (Osc2 modes):
  1) min abs: if( abs(in2) < abs(in1) ) out = in2; else out = in1;
  2) max abs: if( abs(in2) > abs(in1) ) out = in2; else out = in1;
* Modulator: additional modulation types (as in FMX and Analog Generator) have been added;
* Pitch Detector: new algorithm - "spectral peak"; it determines the frequency of the loudest harmonic with high accuracy; suitable for signals with pronounced fundamental harmonic;
* Pitch Detector: additional info under the controllers: incoming signal frequency; frequency range; output note frequency;
Smooth - so like a slew rate control? Awesome!
purelygrey, i think yes :)

Relic Waves

Relic Waves is a generator of Lo-Fi noises, pads and effects based on unique synthesis algorithms from NightRadio. More than 4 billion samples from the depths of the Mathematical Universe!
The interface and synth framework are inherited from Fractal Bits, but Relic Waves is more suitable for searching for long atmospheric samples.
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