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Hello everyone! I am creating NSFW content, 18+ for MUGEN! I live in cold Russia, so I have problems with English;) All victims are baomaru or bara code compatible. I will write in more detail separately.
I created my own discord server I will be glad to see everyone in our lair)    
Mugen pack 2024
Level required:
Russian bear
Mai Natsume(BlazeBlue)
Level required:
Big Russian bear
Bao update 2024
Level required:
Russian bear
Mai13/SpiderGwen update
New poses for sexy girls  
Level required:
Russian bear
new video
Level required:
Russian bear

Chang/Choi report

if when you press the commands (down down a and down down b) you don’t see assistant Choi, then this guide is for you
ero_Chang.rar6.01 MbDownload
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Zangief / R.Mika ver(1.0)
New poses
New AI
New fun
Level required:
Russian bear
what's new
Level required:
Russian bear

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