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Personally for the author of the blog, for conducting journalistic and volunteer work. Лично автору блога, за ведение волонтёрской деятельности.
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For the fund for the care of laboratory mice and rats. Rodents are happy to receive any amount of donation! Для бездомных грызунов - помощь приютам.
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For women who find themselves in very difficult life situations. Various foundations will be grateful for your donations and attention. Женский фонд.
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To develop a blog about Russia for foreigners. На развитие блога о России для иностранцев.

About the creator

Hello friends!
My name is Vika 🌺, I am an artist 🎨
I keep a blog about life in Russia, its culture, achievements, territory and place in the world. Read interesting news by subscription  🐻 📖 🇷🇺 >
I am very glad to all the guests of my blog. I opened my own small charity foundation. Charitable Foundation "Mice". I will be grateful for your donations!
🔸 My charitable foundation works in two directions:
First direction ❤️ >
I donate for my drawings to the rehabilitation of laboratory mice and rats. After experiments, their caring volunteers place them in good hands and look for a new loving home for the rodents.
Second direction ❤️ >
Transfers to various organizations helping women in difficult life situations. This includes a mother with small children after prison, disabled women, and homeless women.
Привет, друзья!
Меня зовут Вика 🌺, я художница 🎨
Я веду блог о жизни в России, её культуре, достижениях, территории и месте в мире. Читайте интересные новости по подписке 🐻 📖 🇷🇺 >
Очень рада всем гостям моего блога. Я открыла свой небольшой благотворительный фонд. Благотворительный фонд "Мышки". Буду благодарна Вашим пожертвованиям!
🔸 Мой благотворительный фонд работает по двум направлениям:
Первое направление ❤️ >
Я перевожу пожертвования за мои рисунки на реабилитацию лабораторных мышек и крыс. Их неравнодушные волонтеры, после экспериментов пристраивают в добрые руки, ищут грызунам новый любящий дом.
Второе направление ❤️ >
Переводы в разные организации, помогающие женщинам в сложных жизненных ситуация. Это и мамы с маленькими детьми после тюрьмы, и женщины-инвалиды, и бездомные женщины.
🎨 My drawings, which went to charities around the world. There are a lot of them:
🎨 Мои рисунки, которые ушли на благотворительность по всему миру. Их очень много:
The 10 highest-grossing Russian films
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Blog about Russia
Is it true that the Chinese and Russians are friends?
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Blog about Russia
In Moscow, until March 15, the whole family can visit museums, theaters and exhibitions for free. 
On the eve of the 2024 presidential elections, the Moscow Department of Culture has approved a list of free cultural and leisure activities.
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The homeless

"Such Cases" journalists will travel to Yakutsk to see how the homeless survive in the coldest region of Russia. We will find out how non-profit shelters work, find out where and how homeless people survive the cold winter, ask the people themselves who find themselves on the street what kind of help they lack and what life hacks they use to survive in a cold climate.
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The restoration of regular flights between the Russian Federation and the DPRK is planned in the near future.Travel to North Korea will soon become easier for Russians, said Alexander Matsegora, Ambassador to Pyongyang.
Восстановление регулярного авиасообщения между РФ и КНДР планируется в ближайшее время.
Скоро поездки в Северную Корею для россиян станут проще, заявил посол в Пхеньяне Александр Мацегора.
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Putin's business card
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Blog about Russia
Arctic hectare - free of charge
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Blog about Russia
Presidential elections in Russia. Who will win?
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Blog about Russia
Do Russians have matryoshka dolls in their homes?
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Blog about Russia

Пони. Pony

It's been a year since a pony named Dietrich became a volunteer therapist. He comes to hospices, visits adults and children to give them new emotions.
Many Russian hospices have living areas, aquariums with fish. Seals live in some centers, and therapy dogs come to visit. But there were no horses in the wards before Dietrich.Dietrich's volunteer debut was a huge success. The veteran of children's parties is great at communicating with people. Very careful.
Adapts to each person. If a person is active, then Dietrich is active, shakes his head more and asks for treats. If he feels that a person is afraid of him, then he behaves more calmly. He can walk into narrow spaces and exit them backwards. And he's afraid of soap bubbles.
Read how Dietrich and other animals become volunteers and help hospice wards:
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