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Here you can buy the premium version of the plugin.
Soon there will be normal posts here...
Скоро тут появятся нормальные посты...
Now there will be a premium version of the plugin...
At the moment, this version differs in the support of WorldGuard regions. That is, you don't have to worry about your island being grifered.
So now more about how it will work: The region will be called "ob_wg_999" where 999 is the player id. When a player joins, a new region will be created and he will be added as a member. When a player invites a player to the island, the new player also becomes a member. If the owner of the island wants to expel the player (/ob kick), the member will be removed from the region ..... Regions will be recreated (deleted and created anew) every time the server is started or when the '/ob reload' command is entered! (Empty regions will not be created.)
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Jun 15 13:37
OneBlock premium 1.0.1u
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May 23 14:57
OneBlock premium 1.0.1
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Apr 30 21:53
OneBlock premium 1.0.0
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Apr 30 15:36
OneBlock premium 1.0.0pre2
+ mobs will now spawn in the middle of the block + droptossup parameter + support for worldguard flags
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Apr 19 23:11
OneBlock premium 0.9.9
OneBlock premium 0.9.9
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Apr 18 01:02
OneBlock premium 0.9.8r2
OneBlock premium 0.9.8r2
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Apr 15 22:38
OneBlock premium 0.9.8r
OneBlock premium 0.9.8r

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