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Dec 18 2020 07:35

The most recommended pair of vacuums for any home with mixed floors

It is not an uncommon practice to have more than one type of vacuum cleaner in your home. However, because there are so many different types of houses, as well as models of vacuum cleaners, knowing which ones are the best selections to work well together can be a bit tricky.
That is why we are here today to introduce you to a pair of vacuum cleaners that is surely the best combo for a simple ground-floor house with a mixed floor plan.
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Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog
The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner is a powerful vacuum that comes with a multitude of tools to help make your cleaning tasks easier. These tools include a power brush, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, and a crevice tool.
The vacuum weighs only around 22 pounds and has some other features, such as a control button for the brushes, a control for suction power, and a telescopic wand. This vacuum cleaner is the best rated vacuum champion when it comes to removing dirt stuck deep in your carpets.
Uniquely, it is able to automatically adjust its brush to ensure that it always provides gentle and consistent cleaning power thanks to its electronic brush design. The reason why this vacuum is named “Cat and Dog” is because of the unique sealed filtration system.
The AirClean filtration system of this vacuum cleaner is designed with layers of charcoal to effectively neutralize and eliminate pet odors in the homes of pet owners. In addition, these layers are guaranteed to capture, as well as retain, all dust, dirt, and allergens with over 99% accuracy.
Shark Pet Perfect II SV780
The Shark Pet Perfect II SV780 is a handy cordless solution to keep your house clean and shine. With its slick and dextrous design, maneuvering this vacuum and sucking up all kinds of messes around the house, from big to small, should be no problem with this model, which is among the best vacuum cleaners in the world.
In addition to the cordless-for-more-flexibility design above, the best part of this vacuum cleaner is the bagless design. This simple bagless and dust cup design makes it very easy to empty the vacuum cleaner once you are done cleaning with it. Plus, this is a very handy design, as handheld vacuums do not have a big enough capacity to store a lot.
Using the trademark Twister Cyclonic Technology from Shark, this Pet Perfect II SV780 vacuum cleaner is able to maintain strong and consistent suction power to capture almost everything. This is quite impressive considering the limitations to a normal handheld vacuum.
Another notable feature of this vacuum cleaner is the fact that the filter is both detachable and washable so that you can maintain it easier. There is also an LED indicator on the body of the vacuum to tell you when it is fully charged and ready to tackle your next cleaning task.
For a ground-floor house with a mixed floor plan, the best way to keep everything nice and tidy is to have a mixed selection of vacuum cleaners that work well on mixed floor types. That is exactly what the two vacuum cleaner options from the top 10 vacuum cleaners  above are all about. Not only do they work extremely well in their own area of expertise, but they also work to cover the weaknesses of the other. Thus, they form a perfect pair for houses with a mixed floor plan.
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