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10 Advantages of Lithium Polymer Battery for Common Users

polymer batteries
have the same technology that is used by liquid lithium
ion batteries. In other words, the anode and cathode are of the same type. The
only difference is that these units use aluminum plastic film and gel
electrolytes. Therefore, these power packs are thinner and lighter but offer a
higher density of energy. In this article, we are going to talk about 10
advantages of these power packs. Read on to find out more.
1. High Energy Density
Compared to nickel-hydride or
nickel-cadmium, lithium-polymer batteries are 50% lighter. But they have the
same degree of energy density, which makes them an ideal choice.
2. Thin Design
Liquid lithium-ion battery features a
customized shell and positive/negative electrodes. And then there is a
technical limit that doesn't allow the batteries to be thinner than 3.6mm. On
the other hand, the polymer cells don't have any such limitations. Therefore,
the thickness of these units can below 1mm.
3. Low Internal Resistance
Unlike liquid batteries, the polymer type
has less internal resistance. Therefore, these batteries can help extend the
time your applications can stay on standby mode. So, this is another great
advantage of these units.
4. Customizable Shape
Based on demand, polymer batteries can be
made thicker or thinner. For instance, for special smartphones, manufacturers
may require thinner batteries. This can help get the most out of the available
space and still enjoy long backup.
5. Good Charge/Discharge Rate
If you use the right type of charger, you
can recharge these units in just two hours. Basically, polymer batteries make
use of colloidal electrolytes that have a stable discharge rate, unlike liquid
6. High Voltage
A lithium-polymer cell has an operating
voltage of 3.7v on average, which is equal to three nickel-hydride or
nickel-cadmium ones connected in series.
7. High Safety and Performance
The outer shell of these batteries is made
of aluminum plastic. On the other hand, liquid lithium ones come with a metal
shell. Because of the flexible packaging, the deformation of the outer shell
won't cause the battery to stop working.
8. Long Cycle Life
In normal circumstances, a lithium
polymer battery
tends to charge and discharge more than 500 times. Therefore,
you can enjoy long cycle life if you opt for these powerhouses.
9. No Pollution
Also, lithium-polymer units don't contain
harmful metals like mercury, lead, or cadmium. Therefore, they don't cause
pollution unlike other types of units.
10. No Memory Effect
Nickel-cadmium batteries tend to lose their
discharge with the passage of time. On the other hand, lithium-polymer ones
have no such problem. This is also called the memory effect. With time, the
market share of these power packs is rising because of the list of advantages
these batteries offer.
Also, these batteries are used in power
tools and laptops as well. Therefore, these are becoming quite popular as time
goes by.
Long story short, these are just 10 of the
most common advantages of Lithium polymer battery packs. Hopefully, this
article will help you get a deeper insight into these units.
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