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Jul 16 08:57

Recover Facebook Account Using Gmail

Facebook is one of the top and popular social media websites because it offers an amazing user-friendly interface where users perform various comments, share, like, chat, or many more. But, in a situation, if you have lost or forgotten your Facebook password and want to recover immediately. Just see the below-given steps and learn.
How to recover Facebook account using Gmail?
Simple steps to recover the Facebook account using Gmail on a desktop or laptop computer:
First of all, just open the Facebook website with help of any web browser.
Then, Enter your 'Email Address' or 'Phone Number' in the text box.
After then, hit on the 'Forgotten Account?' option.
Enter your correct 'Email Address' to the recognized account.
If you have recognized your Facebook account then, check the box on the 'Send code via Email'.
Check your alternate email address and enter 'Security Code' in the required field.
Next, tap on the 'Continue' button.
Finally, set a new password and confirm your password in the next box.
Now you are done!
Moreover, you can easily recover Facebook account using Gmail via the above-presented method and on the duration of the password creation, just make a strong password because it will give you more security and hackproof.
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