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Oct 04 2022 22:35

SOLD - Lamb doll in a green dress - 250 USD

This listing is for the beautiful lamb doll.
She’s got fluffy eyelashes, flower crown made of cotton and lace, gingham green pinafore dress and underskirt.
The crown, dress and skirt are removable.
It was designed and sewn by me. Each toy is unique.
The doll is made of cotton & linen fabric, faux fur and filled with soft polyester.
Height: 40 cm (15,7 inches)
Please contact me to purchase.
Please let me know how I can purchase a doll from USA? THANK YOU
Lily Gonzalez, Hello, this doll is sold. The only one is available now is a little chick. If you'd like to purchase a doll you need to write me and i will send you a link to one-time payment post.
Kind regards, Lena
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