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Essay about German Linguistics

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Sub-areas of German linguistics (linguistics) are:
- Sound system of language (phonology
and writing system of language (orthography)
- Structure of words and word forms (morphology)
- Structure of word groups and sentences (syntax)
- Meaning of words and sentences (semantics)
- Meaning of linguistic expressions (pragmatics)
- Vocabulary (lexicology, etc.)
Sub-areas of linguistics are:
Sound system of language (phonology)
Phonology as a branch of linguistics deals with the different systems of phonemes, the smallest units of the spoken word that distinguish meaning. This means that replacing one phoneme with another changes the meaning of the word.
The phoneme is the smallest phonetic component of a word with a word-distinguishing function. Replacing a phoneme changes the meaning of a word, the phoneme itself is not meaningful (use to create an essay).
Writing system of the language (orthography)
The spelling is engaged in since the end of the 19th century with the correct spellings of words. Two different approaches are pursued, both of which are used in German: You can find both phonemic and morphophonemic elements here. That means both
Phonemic (ie in the ideal case a phoneme corresponds to a grapheme, i.e. a spoken sound to a written letter or a combination of letters), as well as Morphophonemic (ie consideration of grammatical and linguistic developments) elements must be taken into account when assessing how a word is to be written.
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