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to start new massive 3d modeling project! complex props and replica from StarWars . Mechas 3d modeling
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Starwars "Proton carabine" 3Dmodel- free for all. and friendly for electronics
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New 3d printer
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The Charric. Starwars blaster 3d printed kit (two 3d models)
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Two Custom Mandalorian Rifles
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Klingon Dagger

3D model Klingon Dagger
Level required:
imperials supporter: level 4

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you help me to by of 1 cup coffee!

blaster master: level 1

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New Starwars blasters 3d model and props

heavy blaster: level 2

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New custom Starwars 3d model of blaster and rifles 

global supporter: level 3

$ 25,5 per month
new packs rare of blasters from Starwars (rifle and pistols)

imperials supporter: level 4

$ 37 per month
heavy and big project from Starwars - this is for you!

Darth Vader : top level

$ 106 per month
All  StarWars space weapons for you! just say what you need !
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