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Sergey Kolesnik

concept 3d artist for 3d printing
Sergey Kolesnik
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to start new massive 3d modeling project! complex props and replica from StarWars . Mechas 3d modeling
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Starwars "Proton carabine" 3Dmodel- free for all. and friendly for electronics
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New 3d printer
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The Charric. Starwars blaster 3d printed kit (two 3d models)
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Two Custom Mandalorian Rifles
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donation button for alternative 3d model projects (armors and helmets)
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About the creator

im 3d artist from Russia .i focus on 3d modeling for 3d printing.
Starwars and mecha projects.
more than 20 years of experience in 3D graphics and 3D modeling.
i post 3d models for you ! for personal and commercial use .

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blaster master: level 1

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New Starwars blasters 3d model and props

heavy blaster: level 2

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New custom Starwars 3d model of blaster and rifles 

global supporter: level 3

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new packs rare of blasters from Starwars (rifle and pistols)

imperials supporter: level 4

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heavy and big project from Starwars - this is for you!

Darth Vader : top level

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All  StarWars space weapons for you! just say what you need !
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