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Klhz / コルホーズ工房
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About the creator

Моды распространяются на бесплатной основе.

Mods are distributed for free, just for fun. 
Discord: here 👈

Lexus IS300 "isLow" & Lexus IS300 "isAngry"

Lexus IS300 isLow                                      Lexus IS300 isAngry
Extra A - open/close front windows              Extra A - open/close front windows
Extra B - open/close back windows              Extra B - open/close back windows
Extra C - open/close sunroof                        Extra C - open/close sunroof
Extra D - int light                                           Extra D - red eyes & int light                      Extra E - rear bumper                                   Extra E - rear bumper
Extra F - front bumper                                  Extra Ffront bumper
klhz_isLow.rar111.34 MbDownload
klhz_isAngry.rar103.93 MbDownload
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Nissan Silvia S14 Black Mamba

Nissan Silvia S14 Black Mamba
Extra A - open/close window
Extra B - interior lights
Extra С - front bumper
Extra D - rear bumper
klhz_s14_kouki_Black_Mamba.zip107.30 MbDownload
this car is PERFECT on Drift! Wow good job! merci
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Woaaah! Thank you SOOOO MUCH! It's been a favourite track of mine since the rfactor driftbox days (2011) And ive been asking for this track from many track creators, but no one seemsed interested. I will enjoy this so much! I hope to see u continue this track and add even more details, and especially better "worn track" textures for the asphalt for extra realism ^_^
/DWG RougeNights
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Yeah, the reason is that its not around anymore sadly :/ Same with the Hiroshima banked track. I suggest looking for older videos of drift tengoku and u can see a couple of events from there to see the small bumps and unevenesses in the track itself. Cant wait to ride it! Me and another DWG developer are really happy to see this in AC! ClappingHands
cool! is this possible for this skin on S14 Wonder Glare
Sxicidal, no, this livery is only for street spec :c

Nissan Silvia S14 Street Spec & Nissan Silvia S14 Wonder Glare

Nissan Silvia S14 Street Spec                          Nissan Silvia S14 Wonder Glare
Extra A - interior light                                        Extra A - interior light
Extra B - fog lights                                             Extra B - fog lights
Extra С - front bumper                                      Extra С - rear bumper
Extra E - front windows                                     Extra D - trunk spoiler                                                                                                    Extra E - front windows
klhz_nissan_silvia_s14.zip224.32 MbDownload
v1.1 от 21.02.23 
klhz_s14_kouki_wonder.zip128.82 MbDownload
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Физика сделана просто отлично , жму руку настройщику. Едет в меру плавно, в меру реалистично. Многим будет удобно ехать на таком.
Турбина конечно задувает сильно громко , но кому как)
тачка просто супер!Надеюсь еще будет куча таких отличных машин,респект

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