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Hello! This is DDS Workshop. Due to PayPal ban of russian accounts, I had to migrate to Boosty.
You may know me by my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/ddsworkshop
Or by my website: https://www.DDSWorkshop.net 
*In case the main website is not available, use this link: https://www.im-creator.com/free/khisartin/ddsworkshop
This is the same website as www.DDSWorkshop.net
www.DDSWorkshop.net <- is just a domain I bought and maintain. If the www.DDSWorkshop.net address is unavailable, that means some technical issues on my side! Use the im-cretor.com/free one instead.
You are very welcome to join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/dcVbwqQ
As I am most active there.
Due to the fact that the majority of you will *not*, in fact, migrate to this service, I offer you a better deal; you can support me for *really* cheap (guide here) and get the following rewards:
The tag system remains the same from my Patreon page. Choose the "download" tag if you'd like to see the list of content available for download.
1. You don't need to be registered if you have a Facebook, Google, Youtube, Mail.Ru, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki or Twitch account. It takes a couple of seconds to "log-in" like that.
2. You may be promted to enter the amount to donate yourself (see the guide by bonzai.puppy above). However, if you use PayPal, you just need to accept/agree to the payment, just like with ordering goods
3. If you can't subscribe, consider donating one-time: buying posts or donating to one of my goals. 
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September 2022 poll\survey\thingamagik
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Aug 23 11:37
NPC Mod (replacer) build 0.55 | download | August 2022
NPC mod is now 2 gigabytes after compression. Yay! New version (build 0.55), 78 NPCs replaced total.
For subscribers and one-time payment
Aug 15 15:56
update for the NPC Mod soon!
list of upcoming changes for the NPC Mod
Available to everyone
Aug 12 00:00
Skyros_Missandei | preset + textures | download
Missandei is a Redguard (weight 0.3), her textures will replace/overwrite the female redguard head textures (all of them if you have ALT2 installed and ALT2.esp active) as well as eyebrown.dds and eyeyellow.dds eyes textures you have installed.
Her textures are made for ALT2 and ALT1 (optional) texturesets. She uses KouLeifoh's HighPoly Head.
requires SKSE, RaceMenu and KouLeifoh's High Poly Headtextures are either ALT2 or ALT1 (patch inside the archive).
How to download: Click "Скачать"
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Aug 08 16:41
WIP screenshots
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Aug 06 15:30
August 2022 poll
poll for subscribers
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Jul 23 00:00
NPC Mod (replacer) build 0.5 | download | July 2022
This is the full updated NPC Mod, build 0.5. You don't need to download any previous patches/versions/updates, etc.
Requirements remain the same:
1. Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (dependency): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71214
2. ALT2 (textures only): https://www.patreon.com/posts/alt2-for-cbbe-51587256
3. Eyes Mod 2 (textures only): https://www.ddsworkshop.net/eyes-mod-2
4. KS Hairdos (textures only): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311/
UNP only at the moment.--------------------------
How to download: click "Скачать"
Changes and new NPCs since the last update:
- changed SkinNakedVampire02 body and hand normal maps to /femaleold _msn-s for resource preserving reasons. they are very similar, and share the neckseam, so I cut the custom normal maps out.
- replaced two Nightlord Vampires (DLC1EncVampire07NordF, DLC1EncVampire07DarkElfF), Feral Vampire (DLC1VCDungeonFeralVampire), Vampire Fledgling (EncVampire00NordF)
- replaced Gormlaith Golden-Hilt
- changed Valerica's vampiric body skin to Serana's body skin because of resource preservation (you won't see Valerica without Serana, and they're the only 2 vampire NPCs present at any point in the game when Valerica's present. PC uses their own textures)
- replaced Valerica; she uses the newly added vampiric textureset.
- added an optional hairstyle for Valerica.
- replaced Serana; she has a unique textureset (SkinNakedSerana) with unique scarifications and a bite mark on her neck. she has a unique diffusemap for her hairstyle (Thorns from KS Hairdos)
- as far as I tested Serana, ehr hair and eyes work with the hood & when cured respectively.
- Serana has an optional version with 'default' style eyes.
- Serana has an optional human version without the bite, scars and normal teeth. her eyes are hazel instead of vanilla blue\green, but you can replace her eyes to be anything you want (textures\actors\character\eyes\female\EyeSerana.dds); her hair texture is also going to be slightly lighter and cleaner.
- added 2 vampire texturesets ('normal' and 'ugly' for different kinds/clans of vampires instead of one-fits-all in vanilla)
- updated Eola's 'ritual paint' textures; it's now more realistic and volumetric
- updated Hulda
- replaced Niranye
- replaced Reldith (has a young preset)
- replaced Elenwen (optional young textures)
- replaced Nocturnal
- updated the 'alt' nord & redguard textures
- updated all the NPCs who used the previous 'default' nord female texture to use the 'alt' one instead, and vice versa
- fixed Milore Ienth - she didn't have the proper .dds mask in the FaceTint/Dragonborn.esm folder for whatever reason
- updated Iona, Jordis The Sword-Maiden, Mirabelle Ervin
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Jul 20 13:29
NPC Mod; vampires
(npc replacer) vampires plan
Available to everyone
Jul 15 17:29
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