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Sociology Term Paper Topics

Animal Hair: Forensic
This paper focuses on the
steps involved in examination of animal hair specimen obtained as part of
forensic evidence. Forensic science is being extensively used in crime
investigations today and hair can thus provide important clues. But the results
obtained after examination may not always be accurate because of the
limitations of forensic analysis. The paper discusses these limitations along
with the kind of results one can obtain from hair analysis.
"Adapting Public Consultation to Different
Political Cultures".
In this paper to do my homework for me a writer began with the
central question: How must public consultation be adapted to fit the very
different philosophies and assumptions, which underlie different political
cultures? The paper sought to identify the assumptions underlying public consultation
and some suggestions and recommendations for the practice of public
consultation under different flags. While the field of public consultation,
also known as public participation and public involvement, has developed in
North America since the 1930s, it is now being used around the globe by the
World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and similar
organizations. In some cases, public consultation is being introduced into
countries where democracy is a relatively recent form of governance with no
tradition of either the democratic process or of classic liberalism e.g. civil
rights. In other cases, public consultation is being required in countries,
which are governed by dictatorships.
A 'Global War against
Terrorism' and Social Movements in America.
This paper begins with an
analysis of an on-line article that refers to the American "attack"
on terrorism. The article assumes an anti-war stance, and this essay examines
the social movements of anti-war sentiments in relation to this particular
article, as well as in relation to other anti-war movements in America. It is a
sociological analysis of social collectives, and describes both American and
Canadian anti-war movements, with direct reference to U.S. military and
A Review The Suburbanization of the United States by Kenneth T. Jackson (Crabgrass Frontier)
This book review according to buy custom essay online service will
analyze Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States by Kenneth
T. Jackson. By giving a sociological analysis of the book, we can see the borad
range of issues that helped to develop the American Suburb.
A Brief Examination of Two
Research Studies Concerning Social Identity
paper examines two research articles - Nedd and Marsh's "Social
Traditionalism and Personality: An Empirical Investigation of the
Interrelationships between Social Values and Personality Attributes" (1979)
and Guimond's "Group Socialization and Prejudice: The Social Transmission of
Intergroup Attitudes and Beliefs" (2000). For each research study, this paper examines key
information for an empirical groups study, including the number of groups
studied, the size of the groups and the composition of these groups. This paper
determines whether the authors of each study made use of ad hoc or
existing groups. Further, this paper examines the methodology, primary theory,
and main findings of each study, providing the main points of the research.
This paper explores the sorts of groups the studies theories
are meant to address and concludes with an evaluation of the strengths and
weaknesses of the research presented.
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