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I'm Azizla Swiftwind - nonbinary Authr and lightship captain. 
Welcome to my Boosty page! ^_^  

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Jun 18 14:16
I love Disco Elysium, so I decided to name it this way :)
I know you receive most of the news on my IG and TW, but we've got our own small company here too, so let's talk a bit!
I'm really glad so many people shown interest for my tutorials. I know I don't do them lately, although I have some cool ideas. I just don't have much time and energy to work on something else than commissions (to help our little studio survive) and my own projects (they enhance my will to live overall). 
I don't want for my tutorials to slide to the bottom so they are harder to find. But I still want to keep connected to the world (because it's a little heartstroke for me any time the VPN can't open, and we have literally everything through it now).
Still the best way to support us is to make a little subscription or donate to the goal. And let's hope everything turns to the best eventually...
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Apr 02 21:21
Azizla Tutorials: One Step At A Time (PDF)
Buy this post to download a full catalogue of my tutorials — poses packs, anatomy and tips. You can use Paypal or other payment methods!
One-time payment only
Apr 02 10:31
Anatomy for Artists Walkthrough (PDF)
Buy this post to download a full anatomy PDF from me — proportions, bones and muscles. You can use Paypal or other payment methods!
Available to everyone
Mar 12 17:18
First Post
I'm currently using this page to take commissions and share tutorials :)
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