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Infrastructure update to enable more features with greater speeds.

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Introducing: animated GIF avatars!

Please welcome our newest feature that lets you to stand out even more when making comments on iMGSRC.RU. This feature is included in ALL subscription tiers!
Please use wisely, don't make your GIF flashing too much, don't make its size too large, always respect others!
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Wow so rude. I clearly have otherwise I wouldn’t see my profile would I now.
So please explain how to login if you’re so sure I haven’t?
Dragon1998, iMGSRC.RU Official,  well what can I say it appears on this occasion I made a mistake off logging into the wrong account silly me I’m so rude to assume it was someone else mistake.👍

Everybody hates ADs and this is fine.

But huge sites like iMGSRC.RU have to pay bills for this and that. And money comes from either advertising or subscriptions. The choice is yours: you can subscribe to the “ADs be gone” plan for only like $7/month and enjoy uninterrupted browsing experience or you can bear a small number of ADs popping up here and there. We’d be excited that you choose first option to keep site clean and smooooth :)
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My Boosty Account was renewed on Oct.3rd at the $11.70 mo. rate! I am unable to use my imgsrc account without pop-up Porn sites. Also unable to use download button for pictures! My imgsrc handle is wasred. Phone is:
1-419-705-2607 .
Dennis James, You must be logged in on iMGSRC.RU for subscription to work.
Imgsrc free
Abo Mdd, Hm, OK

Love you all :)

Thank you all our subscribers! We managed to fix some issues already and new features are on their way all because of your support :)
Photo "Love/Любовь" (c) tatianayelkina@iMGSRC.RU
You are one and special, dear ones, last as long as possible. Freedom is beautiful!

Donations are fun!

Today i will tell you why we need your donations to enable higher quality downloads.
Throughout 2022 we’ve made numerous changes to the iMGSRC.RU to make visiting it more fun. One of the biggest changes was to migrate to .webp for supported browsers to cut traffic by 30% and make pages load faster. We also introduced an option to download .jpg files for images you want to save to your device for future enjoyment without need to go online. And you loved it until you loved it too much and our servers started chocking on your requests. Here’s when you come to play and can actually help things to get better. For a donation priced as small as a cup of coffee you can help us to get more bandwidth. For a bigger one we will provide you with an easy one click way to save a .jpg file.
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Hello and welcome to iMGSRC.RU page here at boosty.to!
We need your help! To maintain the speed and flawless operations of our servers we ask you for donations. We always rely to a small amount of advertisement on iMGSRC.RU to pay for that but we want to try something new.
Becoming a patron will give you privileges. Please find a suitable plan with features you want or leave a comment below if you think of something better :)
Thank you!
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我检查了 https://imgsrc.ru/、https://imgsrc.medium.com/、https://boosty.to/app/settings/subscriptions的邮箱地址,都是相同的,但还是无法下载.ZIP压缩包。
Can you check my account? I cant download the zip and HD pics.

Subscription levels


$ 5,6 per month
Besides a Huge Thank You in place a subscriber* will also have all the ADs disabled on iMGSRC.RU!
* requires an active iMGSRC.RU account
** of course a unique badge is included!


$ 11,1 per month
Thank you! Your support is very important and here's what you get in return: 
ADs disabled, top-quality JPEG download, ZIP download of entire album, animated GIF as avatar and a "little something" - profile badge. Everything you can dream of in one neat package.
* requires an active iMGSRC.RU account
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