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I make mods for PAYDAY 2 and PAYDAY 3

About the creator

Ahoy ahoy ahoy!
I'm Hylie. I make funny mod overrides for PAYDAY 2 and PAYDAY 3 such as:
- Sound mods/replacements
- Texture mods/replacements
- Custom masks, weapons, and weapon skins*
*For PAYDAY 2 only
If you want to commission me to make a mod, custom weapon skin or make artwork (can be TF2 or PD2 related) send me a friend request on Discord at Hylie (hyhylie) and we will discuss it there.
Or if you ever wanna support me financially and/or support my work, send me a penny or two here!
I will greatly appreciate it.

Hylie's PAYDAY Modding Commissions

I've created another commission sheet, this time for PAYDAY mods.
If you want a mod (masks, mega masks, skins, custom weapons) made personally for YOU by me, send me a friend request on Discord!
All examples of my work can be found on ModWorkshop at https://modworkshop.net/user/hyhylie
An early concept for a custom weapon
Level required:
Fiery Donator - Standard
"Oh how fun it is to ride in a pimped out getaway!" - First skin of Hybrid's Funky Custom Weapon Skin Pack Vol.2
Level required:
Fiery Donator - Standard

Fiery Demise/Hybrid is on Boosty

Hey there. I've made this Boosty account as a way to maybe get financial support from people who enjoy my content and want to support me.
If you'd like to, you can always throw me a penny here and finally make my dreams come true.

Subscription levels

Fiery Donator - Standard

$ 19,7 per month
(Please contact me on Discord at hyhylie to recieve your subcription reward)
A standard 20 dollar subscription to support me financially.
You recieve:
- A mod/art commission(s) of choice OR a custom weapon skin for PAYDAY 2 for a weapon of choice
- Early sneak peeks on my upcoming mods
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