1 425.38 of $ 2 294 money raised
Payment of commissions.
1 173.1 of $ 1 147 money raised
"Payment of the commission" I'll be able to pay the bills for the house and buy a gaming chair.
1 149.53 of $ 1 147 money raised
Pay for my studies, the gaming chair is still not purchased)
1 189.22 of $ 1 147 money raised
"Payment for the commission" i'll be able to buy a new phone and pay for academic drawing courses

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Hi, it's me Hugarden straight from Ych.com due to the current situation in the world, my paypal account is temporarily frozen, as are the accounts of other artists from Russia

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You will receive weekly psd files of my works with a clear (or not so clear) An explanation of the steps in my work.
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