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Boosty just want me to make it
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May 31 2020 18:20

I keep working on CNC laser

I keep working on cnc laser, just recieved mirror holders and LCD display, planning to make an autonomous GRBL controller with display and SD card reader.
Konstantin. these are good we have these on our upgrade from Cloud Ray but blue we are planning to do on our K40 but we have just seen your inventable write up, which is very interesting. to gain access to the 3d files for printing can you explain what to do please,

I assume some sort of subscription is needed. would be very interested in possible changing the design we have to yours.

We at the moment are using steel rods on Y axis and linear rail block on X now seriously thinking of going to linear block rail on all axis and like your design very much as its simple but works.

Out gantry will be about 1 metre square, can you tell what needed please to open up more information and file access etc thank you from spain and great job, I see you are in russia, my first laser came from endurance lasers in Smolensk! Excellent laser for a diode cuts 3mm wood in one pass now I have a decent lens on it.

The K40 is much faster though for cutting... thanks Neil
Jan 28 19:21
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